Happy earthday 2018! … make it every day.

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It is always great to be back in the Northwest visiting friends and catching up on the past. I’m here trying to find a trawler boat, and hoping to drum up interest in our upcoming salmon campaign. We will be in the Pacific Northwest this summer and I hope to enlist other activist friends in the area. www.gaianetwork.net

(pass it on…)

Unfortunately my recently planned boat purchase was put on hold after the last legal bill, but I, for one, will keep my eye on wild oceans, and somehow make it happen. If you believe in saving wild salmon as I do… then I will welcome your support!

When we get the boat secured and outfitted, our team will offer their professional media talents and scientific services to local activists up and down the coast who oppose open-pen salmon farms. The salmon farms are on their way out in Washington State, and this summer’s effort will now assist Canadians to do the same. This will be an effort open to all.

The plan is that we will lend whatever support we can muster through the new http://www.GAIANetwork.net .

Scott and Suzanne West have been very hospitable and will help this summer. Elora West, a producer on CONFESSIONS II needed to be brought up to speed on the film’s defense of the lawsuit brought against it by the Sea Shepherd Society. I feel the vicious and bullying nature of Sea Shepherd’s attack just makes my point.

The Eco-corporation’s changed mission statement, and the “new” seeking out government contracts is not my cup of tea, but the using of public tax-exempt funds to protect an individual’s ego is obscene. This copyright fight is an unnecessary waste of time and money better spent on the conservation of wild life.

Today, precious funds are being lavishly spent on continuing a myth for reasons I am sure only a shrink can fathom??? There seems nothing I can do but allow this unending childish drama to spice up the last chapters of my future memoirs. If I wasn’t living it; I wouldn’t believe it myself….

For now the recent legal proceedings have shown me two things. The first is the tried and true: “no good deed goes unpunished”. The second is: “narcissists serve only themselves, no matter how much lipstick they slather on the pig… “

Please go to www.gaianetwork.net and explore our salmon campaign. It’s old school and open to all. I am securing the boat now. Help if you can, BUT no matter what: STOP EATING FARMED FISH!

Keep up the fight… the earth deserves our best.


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