The More the Merrier!!!


It is great to hear that the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has announced that the Martin Sheen would again be assisting Dr. Alex Morton on her mission against Salmon farming in the Northwest. Dr. Morton is a hero.  Last year a group of First Nation’s elders joined Alex in their opposition to the BC salmon farms, landing the issue in the Canadian Courts. This coming summer, 2018, could possibly be the tipping point Alex and others need for total victory. Having worked on the issue for a number of years myself, I feel we need to keep this rebellion going now more then ever.

The continuing research on farmed salmon shows not only the devastating effects on wild salmon, but the adverse effect on numerous Northwest First Nation’s cultures, and wilderness… the time is now to act.

At the same time the public is becoming more informed on “the health of the food” issues. GMO, antibiotics, and pesticides are just a few of the added ingredients advocates want us to forget as we are enjoying ourselves out for an evening of sushi… the perception of the health benefits of these franken-fish needs to be squashed before something like a “mad salmon” brain disease starts sweeping the rich and sheik sushi connoisseurs across the nation. I’m no scientist… I’m just looking at history…

We at hope to up the ante just a bit this summer in the northwest. In association with grassroots activists, old Sea Shepherd cohorts, and First Nation friends we hope to add yet another voice to the rebellion. So no matter our differences, it is great to see the “rebel Captain flying the skull and crossbones” on board again… although sadly I am quite sure the captain will not attend.

Due to our present “ego” issues being decided in court, I am sure that I will not be as welcomed by the rebel captain’s team, as they will be welcomed by me. I believe in the mission, and we from will be there to represent the salmon, human drama aside.

Dr Alex, and any other interested parties are welcome. If you want to get involved, this is an all-volunteer venture… what’s stopping you?

We’ll have a ship in the area all summer brisling with research gear and cameras. Old school! We’ve funded a small work craft to start, and we’ll raise the money to do more with your help. Tell your friends and visit : . Or contact me at to help.

In this ever-changing litigious environment I think it important we do not lose sight of the prize. It took years getting the public’s attention and now we all must put differences aside and slam the door on those intent on destroying the oceans. Salmon farming lost in Washington state, and we must all help the Canadians in their up coming battles to outlaw similar farms there. I am not as eloquent as Al Bore, but: “our very future depends on it!”

We at will be making further announcements in the near future as we work to get others to join us. Thank you


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