Congratulations Captain Pete Bethum

It is finally spring with a whole new array of issues, but the scent of renewal is in the air.

Many activists from my past have re-appeared to support my new ( ) project with my good friends Dr. Myra, and Peter Wallerstein jumping on board. Just by chance, two days ago I had coffee with Pete Bethume. Pete is in LA to do a speech for the 5 Gyres folks, and I suggest you look it up and go if you are in LA.

I was involved in the whole “Pete vs. SSCS” drama from when I first cut the promo to “sell” Pete’s earthrace boat to Ady Gil…. If interested, you can look up the whole drama online I am sure. At the time I found it a waste of time and money…

Before the coffee, I had never met the man, although I have publically clashed with him on tactics… I like to say that I enjoyed the live conversations immensely, and this just goes to show you how putting a “face” to a reputation so changes things… like truth.

He is a man who actually does stuff. Like him, or hate him, he is enacting change. Good for him, and his no compromise stance. Check out his website:

Our meeting, and one I had shortly thereafter actually invigorated me. Later at the end of the day, on my drive home through the area recently burned by the Thomas fire, I had an epiphany. I realized that my recent brush with corporate politics had worn me out. I was ready to give up, but… Not anymore! I realized that as the new plant growth was pushing through the blacked earth, I, too, will come back. My philosophy is that I came from the earth and go back there, so we are one. The earth all around me was springing back to life and so could I. Maybe Captain Pete needs crew?

Believe it or not, my recent political and legal education is actually giving me new hope in our legal system. Imagine that? Although I had fully expected no fairness, and no justice, I felt the majority of individuals I dealt with were qualified and caring individuals. The devil is always in the details, and we will see. But… Hell if this spring brings me hope and renewed faith in lawyers, and activism… a win, win! After having my reputation disparaged in legal documents and elsewhere, I have to admit that I enjoyed the experience and opportunity to defend myself. Like every life experience, I learned so much, and certainly paid for the education.

It should be a lesson learned by all: putting a face and personality to a ominous term like: terrorist, and other accusations always helps. I always remember that Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Thomas Jefferson were also condemned by governments and corporations in their day. The Dal Lama today. Say what you will, I’ll let my ancestors judge my reputation.

As spring turns to summer, may I suggest that we all go forward and continue the fight for “right”. Do not worry how much money and fame you make, but how your actions will leave the earth for future generations. It is the eco-movement, not the ego-movement after all. It’s about the earth, stupid!!!

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