Bluerage Films Inc. was set up in 1994 to work in conjunction with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in order to establish a media presence for International anti-driftnet campaigns. Over the years we have managed projects around the world from a couple of thousand dollars to one million+ dollars.

Today we hold one of the most substantial video archives on the last 30+ years of the environmental movement. BRFilms has supplied media free of charge to media outlets and filmmakers around the world. Since conception we have been on the forefront of International ocean issues. 
Our successes include helping stop the killing of dolphin on Ikki Island Japan, the killing of dolphin in tuna nets, the elimination of high seas driftnet fishing in the Pacific and Atlantic, the prohibition of factory fishing on the Grand Banks, the condemnation of capturing marine mammals for entertainment, and the exposure of killing Mantas in Mexico, poaching in the Galapagos and around the Cocos Island. We were one of the first to expose the real disaster of the BP oil spill in the Gulf, the first to stream the Taiji dolphin slaughter LIVE, and even streamed LIVE from Antarctica. In 2015 we set up reef cameras in Hawaii to help control tropical fish poaching and continue to work in this area.

In 2015 we launched an international effort to unite grassroots activists to help organize actions against Industrial Aquaculture. We recently renamed Bluerage Films Inc., to Global Association of Industrial Aquaculture Network: GAIANetwork.
net . A small US based headquarters provides administrative, organizational, and media support for an international association of grassroots anti-Industrial Aquaculture activists. The Network is growing daily.

We plan to supply five essential services to groups and individuals.

1. Coordination of a unique international NGO network, and informational clearinghouse for Industrial Aquaculture opposition.

2. Collection, testing, and translation of scientific information for general public consumption.

3. Promotion of public awareness through the international media to the health and environmental destruction from farming the oceans by supplying a link to media celebrity endorsements and campaigns to take back the PR war.

4. We will bring activist, and scientific assets unavailable to the small organizations already in the fight .

5. Tactical and strategic consultation on actions to be undertaken locally, and promoted internationally.

Industrial Aquaculture is capitalism gone crazy. We are fighting a well established billion dollar industry with government support and promotion. I feel we can win.
I am an experienced ocean activist who was asked in 2016 to figure out a way to slow down the cultivation of the world’s oceans. After a year of research I can say that the farming of fish is one of the most destructive practices I have witnessed in my 30+ years protecting the oceans. The business threatens coastal eco-systems, wild fish stocks, plus the corporations are fooling the public in thinking they are eating healthy food…. The business is growing, and we need to stop them before it is too late, and wild oceans are no more.

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