GAIANetwork’s “Save the Wild Salmon” campaign will focus internationally on local activism by individuals and groups united for wild oceans. We will bring their actions together into an international movement.


SUMMARY: Goal to organize world co-ordination against OPEN-PEN Salmon farming focusing on British Columbia/ Washington state summer 2018.

Campaign Leader: Peter Brown


 I began research into the industrial aquaculture business in 2014.

The assignment was to organize grassroots activists around the world to participate in an international conference on Industrial Aquaculture planned for spring 2016. A donor wanted me to listen and learn so that we could ultimately mount a successful campaign in 2016 and beyond…

I did just that. I have travelled to over a dozen countries enlisting grassroots activists worldwide to form a sort of professional association of individuals and groups united for wild oceans.

 2018 Wild Oceans Salmon Campaign

We have completed our summer campaign traveling the coast of BC Canada from the San Juans to Prince Rupert visiting about a quarter of the existing 140+ farms and forming alliances with fishermen and First Nations tribes already fighting for survival.

There are many great on-site activists, and GAIANetwork is available to supply the platform to run a first class media campaign in support of local efforts up and down the coast.

After the huge escape of non-indigenous farmed salmon in Washington State, there are bill in the legislature today to ban the practice all together.


CANADA can be next to outlaw open pen farming and politically this might be the year. In the two months we have been traveling the coast we did not find anything but complete opposition to the farming industry. Even those who work the farms and need the employment, often expressed disgust. We hope to provide the little extra expertise and talent and platform to push the issue over the top.

This fall we will be running an Internet media campaign and Public PSAs in California.  Much of the exported Canadian salmon is consumed in California. I have been trying to find a local AD agency to help. I will line up celebrities.  Ignorance will be no excuse and it consumers who can just stop buying the stuff. Believe if offered farmed salmon, eat the wrapper, it will be healthier for you. You can check out the science on Dr. Alexander Morton’s website. She has been doing the science for years, but no one listens. The farms not only destroy the environments where the reside, but they wipe out species and cultures that depend on the wild salmon. Are we ready to destroy BC for a night out eating sushi? I am not.

GAIANetwork supported, and helped fund Don Staniford’s campaign in Scotland last month that received fairly good press in the UK. We helped with some funding and I directly asked for help through social media. My 35+ years record with Sea Shepherd and other groups helped tremendously. Don is extremely active and needs support.

We have secretly been researching the introduction of marine mammal products into Norwegian salmon feed. We think it is happening in Canada with seals, and we suspect it is happening in Norway. We have a scientist following the scientific papers on the subject published over the internet, and an ex-EPA investigator is helping follow what evidence we discover. I feel that if we can prove our suspicions, farmed fish will have a black eye forever, not to mention all the broken import/export laws the industry will have to contend with. Americans will not eat whale fed salmon, but sources for Omega 3 are running out and they need to get it somewhere.

In 2017 I was instrumental in helping to organize Sea Shepherd’s effort in Canada before I was removed from my position due to politics. “I was being too aggressive…”

My hope that First Nation’s actions would create an international issue were correct, and this summer we will sail our own vessel and press home the point!

Gaianetwork.net will soon announce unique alliances and real actions that will be initiated from our summer’s campaign.

Trawler purchase: PURCHASED 2018    M/V Wii Seeks

wii seeks

I have asked old friend and artist Paul Whalen to paint it up so it attracts attention where ever she sails. Dr. Joe Valencic is helping  put enough tech gear on board to be able to stream live video from remote areas. We have been at sea all summer and will proceed to Friday Harbor, Wa. to help Captain Hobbes with Orca Whale Protection. Volunteer help, expertise and labor have helped up stretch the small donations we receive allowing the research/tech ship MV/Wii Seeks to make a difference.


 Captain: Peter Brown

Talent: Entire GAIANetwork Team

Basic Equipment donated

                                                TIME FRAME: June to October 2018


We are working with local activists toward a wild future by being a useful part of the solution to Salmon Farming in North West.

Let’s not learn the lessons of Norway and Scotland where their wild stocks went extinct as their National exports of farmed meat flourished..  Poof gone! There was little or no thought of the future.

Working budget: break down available, but all donations will be accepted, and if you wish to volunteer, contact me at peterjaybrown@mac.com


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