“Eyes on the REEF…”

GAIANetwork’s  Hawaiian reef protection campaign beginning the winter of 2018 .

For three years I have been actively organizing diverse groups to focus on protection of Hawaiian reefs. I was asked to do this under the direction of Snorkel Bob and Mike Long… I continued as I do on my own The campaign will have many parts,  all co- ordinated for success and International attention.

The “GAIA NAVY” will carry the flag of the USA. Two zodiac type vessels will also be used to begin. These two vessels will be flagged to the Hawaiian Kingdom, a Hawaiian sovereignty organization that presently issues license plates, licenses, and passports. These boats will be the vessels of action record. The GAIA ship will be “watching” and alerting the media and supporting a LIVE stream.

I have designed cameras to watch the reefs live via the internet… pan, tilt, zoom from a cell phone! and our patrols can also be streamed using a shore based station or, believe it or not, the ship’s SAT communications. The entire system was built to operate from a ship HQ…. I have enough camera equip. to start and it is sitting in cases in Hawaii. We will operate drones and local operatives to monitor the most ecologically threatened areas. We will be watching…. I had even spoken to the “Hawaiian Schools” about getting involved. It is win, win.

The Hawaiian Kingdom and “kanaka” have real rights to the reefs, and by using the zodiacs as Kanaka patrol vessels we can not only make a difference with the media, but it will put the local marine officials on notice. We can set up a long term Kanaka patrol and court system giving the local people collective ownership of a resource they believe they individually own… much like Bay Keeper on steroids.

I will have the patrols trained by professionals and operated much like we used the , whale Rescue team, the whale watchers in Neah Bay, and the Gitzan in taking the Columbus ships in 1991.

I have agreement of the Hawaiian Kingdom, I have local volunteers to run the patrols and very high tech gear to watch the action and supply a major media hit .

I believe that we can make a difference, and become a major presence in Hawaii. I will take this on with the hope of setting up a permanent presence in the islands.

I see this as an old fashioned minimalist operation, and if put in charge, I’ll make it happen under whatever guidelines and budget we ultimately decide.

To get more equipt made and Hawaiian Individuals lined up, etc. it would be useful to start planning soon.

Peter Brown


Reefcam: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzuufAYtpAbBQ2d5VHZobjd4ekU/view

Reef 2018 Campaign

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