Orca Protection 2019


As an older ocean activist I feel that “our time” is past. We need to look to the younger generations to lead the way. It is the young who have the most to lose. It is the young, with real passion for change, that we need to pick up the torch. We at gaianetwork hope to mentor young activists, and human populations which have been ignored to date to secure the future of our oceans. Natives, local fishermen, boaters and the general public need to get involved. We hope with Orca Protection to make this happen.


Gaianetwork.net ( www.gaianetwork.net) hopes to be a part of that “change”, and we are presently onsite helping, not by feathering our own egos, but by donating years of experience and assets to the cause in Friday Harbor, and the San Juan Islands. Now is the time!

                                                                      THE MISSION:                                                                          


Using the boat M/V Wii Seeks, our team will be led by Peter Brown, Dr. Joe Valencic, ex-EPA criminal investigator Scott West, and by the Gaianetwork advisory team to mount a defense of Orcas in the Northwest.

Our boat the M/V Wii Seeks has been re-fitted with high tech camera gear to will be able to allow the public to decide for themselves.  Streamed live video from shore, and boat locations well outside the legal restrictions will be a firs t step to support the legal rights of the species.  Through a network of cameras and local help we will establish  NEIGHBORHOOD ORCA WATCH.

PHASE ONE:  https://vimeo.com/348032316

The M/V Wii Seeks is set up with cameras and remote production software to stream multi camera events from the boat when band width allows. Our mobile studio will connect to a more powerful land based computer which will be our streaming HQ. Remote cameras will be set up at locations covering the orcas main habitats will be operating and sending streams to our HQ. If local cell phone coverage allows will be able to get feeds from boats and individuals onsite. This is presently being set up and tested. AIS, GPS, and distances can and will be recorded in real time and used to over lay video.

When fully operational, we will supply real time video of human and boat compliance with existing laws, and stream it live to the public for all the see. Compliance will only come from public awareness and public pressure. The marine authorities can use the feed as they see fit. We will be happy to work with the authorities to supply all the data they need.


We are testing MORV (Mobile Operated research vessels) to increase the coverage and technical precision of the network. Operated in the past for NOAA , Dr. Valencic is working on re-fitting the craft for our use. Powered by near silent electric motors we hope in the future to be able to operate them around the clock when necessary.

                                                                                        THE NEED:

 We need immediate help of 35 Thousand Dollars to rush the Wii Seeks back into action and stay on duty the entire season. The total would get us back out there this season and be a great early start to a project which was planning to launch next spring. Every donation helps!

Every dime will go to keeping our boat… our “eyes in the game”… afloat and active. The rest will up to you!

                                  Global Association on Industrial Aquaculture Inc.

                                                                 501 C3 Non-profit

                                                            Federal ID # 95-4483335

                                            State of California Charity # C1871924

 We need all the help we can get and are asking the public to support our efforts with donations of talent, experience, and money. Please join us.


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