“A couple of wins for the good guys!”

It was wonderful news hearing that the Pebble mine was defeated in Alaska. This news is long over due news to protect our oceans I might add.

Numerous activists struggled to save the Sockeye. Humans against industry, David against Goliath…  and the Pebble gold mine was finally defeated.  About “f*cking” time!

The mine in question was to put “at risk” half the wild Alaskan sockeye salmon stock… that means “whacked”… Why you might ask?  For pretty trinkets that, although unquestionably a big draw for humans, are not really worth the death of one single species…

It was good to see Native groups standing firm and defending our general human natural heritage. If tribes do not take care of their futures, who will?  Governments? Corporations?

I doubt it . We, concerned humans,  need to do it ourselves.  I would like to think that we humans have finally smartened up after the last 1000+ years of earth’s exploitation.  This time the decision was between wild fish or shiny gold… for once the fish won!

This is very unusual.  In history, most  often gold wins… The Aztec were wiped out for the shiny metal, and many a stream in the western United States has been raped for a chance few nuggets. What are they really worth, these nuggets?  Are they worth the food we eat? The culture and future of our children?

Not to me. Maybe more humans are beginning to see the “real value” of nature… This is a start.

Far across the pacific, one of the world’s great exploiters of wilderness, the Chinese have also chocked up a win for the good guys. In this case they have outlawed the sale of Ivory in Hong Kong, and the Mainland.  This is a huge win for elephants everywhere. Forget the trinkets most eco-groups show on TV,  that’s small change. it’s the chop sticks stupid!

Millions and millions of shiny ivory chop sticks. This could be big!

Now if we can just figure out a way to stop the same culture from buying Taiji dolphin, and using just about every part of every near extinct animal as a “medicine” to keep their dicks hard.  Then we’d have something. I mean is there no end to human absurdity.

Eco groups everywhere should give who ever is responsible for these victories a big atta boy. I am sure credit will be claimed by all with a website, but I don’t care. A WIN, is a win!

New ideas and tactics need to be used across the board if we want to win anything at all in the future.  Let’s build on this, and move forward as one movement.  Remember there are no animal rights, no vegan rights, and no human rights on a dead planet.

Get up off your couch and make a difference.  Hell, even some governments are following suit… the smart ones anyway.

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