Good for the Pope

I have never been one to put any hope whatsoever into organized religion, yet I do think it is about time that a major religious leader came out for indigenous people, animals, and the wild lands they inhabit.

Let’s face it religions generally support the upper capitalistic class. Power over anything else, and the biggest “anything else” is MONEY. As evident by history, conventional power structures do not go in for wilderness conservation…unless, of course, they intend to exploit it. Take Trump and his cronies as a pretty perfect example. A 180-degree turn from a republican president like Teddy Roosevelt who helped to establish our national park system and national and international nature preserves, now under attack more than ever before.

So it is refreshing to see a leader, religious or not, have the courage, integrity and respect of much of the world, to stand up for what is right for a change. I mean really, it’s God’s earth after all. We pagans think

the earth is god, but that discussion is for another time.

If you look at Vatican history, a real deep felt environmental thrust is not evident. Pope Francis is pushing against the Vatican norm again. Good for him. He is obviously a man who lives his beliefs and has not shown a weakness to take controversial stances even when they appear to be against long-held Vatican precepts, and by long-held, we’re going back over 1000 years. This is not easy and without risk, even for the Pope.

First I hope we all, Catholics and non-Catholics alike, can give the man a big “atta boy” and a huge “pat on the back”. Hats off to Pope Francis!

What he has been saying recently in South America, in an area where mining and logging interests are “capitalism gone mad” is heretical to the establishment. He is taking a real risk, not from locals but from within the institution he heads up, the Vatican. Look at the history of Popes who went against ecclesiastical tyranny, the end result was always overwhelmingly: mysterious deaths, poison, intrigue, you name it. Pope Francis wouldn’t be the first Pope iced for the sake of the power elite…I’m just saying. No matter why, everyone should get behind this guy and guys like him.

Second I am happy to have the millions of Catholics on the “right side” of a really important issue: survival of the earth as we know it.

This could make the difference to our very survival. If we can get the Jews, Muslims, and Hindus and everyone else onboard we actually might win this “ecology” thing. I mean, I know things like abortion and birth control are important issues to some, but they are trivial subjects if we continue to destroy the very earth that sustains us. There is no life at all on a dead planet.

So I am happy to welcome Catholics to the fold, and will hold out hope that other religious leaders follow suit. We’re counting on you!

Maybe next, Francis will ordain women, whack the child molesters, and get the millions of Catholics around the world to actually make a difference. The wheels for these things are already in motion. The “Theology of Activism” can come back stronger then ever for an issue that really matters: our survival as a species.

Next let’s shake hands with the Muslims and show the kids (who are the future), that humans as a species are indeed “intelligent life”. I am afraid if aliens come to earth looking for intelligent life today, they would choose none of us.

So let’s support Pope Francis while he still serves, and has the courage to be right on this issue… the most important issue as far as I am concerned.  His lifelong, compassionate service to his faith, beliefs and those in need gives credibility to his new direction and gives him the right to speak no matter what the past establishment allows. God bless him!

Now the real question is: Do you think the Vatican will launch a cease & desist lawsuit against him? I mean how disloyal of him to question decrees and directions from the past that he is showing us all need major updating (even if it’s for the betterment of humanity). I’m joking of course, but one never knows. Let us pray, for real now.

We need new thought and tactics everywhere and in every aspect of life. Look around: no matter how cool our actions have been to date, no matter how clever we think we are, we are losing because the movement is being fractured by an old power structure that is getting in the way of the job at hand… the entire reason we’re here and talking about this in the first place. We need help from everyone. It is time to put our egos away and do what is right.

Hear, hear, for Pope Francis!

Hear, hear, for planet Earth!

Let us continue to work to unite so we can all succeed an live in harmony with each other and with nature. What a wonderful thought! Now, let us make it a reality.

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