Do the right thing. Just do it!

Today I want to pay credit to a few real activist heroes out there. These people are often forgotten as they spend their time actually doing things. They don’t have the PR resources to raise money or promote their present needs. These people are the front line soldiers in the fight to save the earth so valuable to all of us.

Esmond Bradley Martin is yet another high profile activist murdered. Mr. Martin, renowned for his work investigating the trade in illegal elephant, was killed at his home in Kenya. Police called it a burglary gone bad, but with political unrest in Kenya at the most violent in years, I wouldn’t put it past illegal traders to take the opportunity to wipe him out.

I hope another dedicated individual will take his place, as men and women with courage will always be missed.

On another front I was dismayed to see the Keystone Pipeline activists were sentenced to jail time today. I believe that they all took the actions they did because they were “the right thing to do”. I was not asked to join, and oil pipelines are not my passion, but I was happy to see the support the protesters initially garnered from the public.  Most media coverage and “noise” seemed to stop when the activists were arrested after finally having to make their stands. Now that they have been punished by the justice system of the United States, I was proud to see that they accepted their punishments after they had their say in court. They didn’t agree, but they were courageous enough to defeat the system within the system. None of them whined or ran away. It is refreshing to see young people not afraid to question authority. Not afraid to act. Not afraid of consequences…Way to go, you could teach us old folks a thing or two.

May I suggest that Sea Shepherd spend some of the millions in their legal war-chest to help these folks out. I know Paul Watson claims native spirit… might I suggest he translate some of that native love into cash help. Help those who stood in his stead.

Perhaps Paul could write a poem or use some of his literary talents to keep their plight in the news. We earthlings lost Keystone but the fight will go on. We must meet the enemy on every front and I just hope there will be brave activists that continue to step up. The rest who are too afraid… should stand aside and allow those that do, to do.

I wish I could help more, but as most know, I’m presently fighting a legal battle with the Sea Shepherd Society over my right to use a video archive I donated a year before… How dumb am I?

It’s a stupid fight that cannot help the very animals we have both sworn to protect. I can agree to disagree. I’ll start over, I’m launching a new effort: .

Written by peter jay brown

Peter Jay Brown is a director and cinematographer, who specializes in real life stories, cultural adventures, LIVE events, and big sexy animals that can eat you! His 35 years of experience producing shows such as Real People, Entertainment Tonight, and numerous cable programs have given him a unique insight into the storytelling arts both in and out of the studio. From riots to intimate ceremonies Peter will deliver what is needed to translate the story on to the screen, be it TV or film. Best known recently on TV for his stint on Animal Planet’s hit show, Whale Wars, Brown has been active in the Sea Shepard Conservation Society for over 30+ years, and has recently released a feature length documentary based on his experiences, entitled “Confessions of an Eco-Terrorist”. Over the past years, Brown has produced and directed twenty films with the Kenya Wildlife Services for International television to champion wildlife conservation in Africa. In December 2001 Brown helped Mary MacMakin (winner of the EIS award in Chicago for her 40 years humanitarian work in Afghanistan) re-establish her charity PARSA in Kabul Afghanistan. Aside from his charity and conservation work, Brown created, wrote, directed and produced the Award Winning (NEA Golden Apple, NEA Bronze Apple, ABC Clio) self- esteem based television series “Pops”, which was also incorporated into the elementary level curriculum in five states. He was the original Field Producer/Director in 1981-82 for one of television’s most successful shows: “Entertainment Tonight”, and was the official film biographer of Dr. Norman Vincent Peale for the last years of his life. Early in his career, Brown created the conceptual foundation for NBC’s “Real People” #1 rated television series; producing and directing over 100 up lifting, positive stories between 1979-81. Brown has produced/directed LIVE concerts for Diana Ross, Jars of Clay , and worked on variety TV shows and the US Music festival. He has filmed religious and cultural events around the world. In October 2012 he produced a LIVE stream signal from Taiji, Japan via cell phone with his association with DSILIVE. December until the present has been broadcasting LIVE from Antarctica... the ends of the earth. Presently in Hawaii working on reef restoration and defense with local environmental groups, Brown continues to use the media to promote and establish conservation priorities.

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