Help others help the earth! is presently working on two projects and both are in need of old iphone 6. In one month’s time we will be patrolling the waters off the San Juan Islands in Washington State protecting the Southern Resident Orcas from human harassment. There are laws that protect these endangered whales and we will bring technology to bare to keep the public and shipping at bay. It is amazing how video surveillance deters crime  on land… we will now operate a similar LIVE STREAM system at sea from our boat the Wii Seeks. After much experimentation we have discovered that iphone 6s work great with our streaming system to keep watch. We need your help.

We are also presently helping the First Nation’s Gitxsan in Northern B.C. to communicate their treaty negotiations with the Canadian Federal government over fish tenure. Their need to assert hereditary rights to their traditional territory continue today. The Gitxsan governance negotiations need to be understood, not only by their own people, but by the rest of us. Colonialism is dead , and needs to be buried.

We at are helping set up a communications that fits the need…. AND iphone 6is our present camera of choice. They work great and fit nicely in the system we have set up. Check out what’s happening at

I know many of you have these older model phones stashed away somewhere. Well get them out, and send them to us… we can really use them. We will use your old devices to make a difference, and can give you a tax deductible tax receipt to boot. PLEASE contact me at gaianetwork0@gmail.comand I will tell you where to ship. THANK YOU and your old phones will really help.

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