The Time is NOW!

I am up in Canada presently working with the First Nations Gitxsan Treaty Society trying to give them a voice in their re-establishment of territorial and fish tenure to the Skeena River. I’ve known the Gitxsan for years and was proud to ally with them this summer on the salmon issue. They have never given in to the feds no matter the pressure and have gained control of 33000 square miles of hereditary territory in Northern BC. Their territory includes the Skeena River, one of the last great salmon rivers in Canada. Their fight is my fight for sure, and it should be everyone’s fight as it involves the future of the oceans, bears, eagles, orcas, and ultimately humanity. The Gitxsan get it, why don’t the rest of us? Why are we so short sighted to not see the importance of nature? 

I got involved with the Gitxsan for the same reasons that I am involved saving orcas. Much like the federal government of Canada and the US has a history of lying and breaking promises to their indigenous populations, the governor of Washington has stuck one to the rest of us. I know, I know in this era of Trump where lying doesn’t matter;  are we really going to roll over and allow our orcas to suffer? Or are we going to stand up and force our governments to protect our futures?  

Maybe the governor figures we’ll allow him to disregard the whales. Maybe he’s lining up a war-chest from monied groups and lobbyists to run for a higher office? I don’t know, but the Gitxsan know full well about broken promises and depleted resources. Maybe we can learn from history and not allow these short sighted individuals to destroy our future too? will stand up and fight. Orca Protection & Rescue is needed more now, than ever and with the public eyes of the state, country, and world focused on the plight of these magnificent creatures, we can force the government to listen. Let the governor of Washington know that we are mad and will not take it anymore. Let him know the you believe more in the future of all species than oil tankers or lobbyists’ pay offs. This is our future. Once the orcas are gone, they will not come back. If we give in now , why not make the future poster child of Washington State the spineless jellyfish. Stand up and join us. 

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