Peta: “crabs are people too!”

Once again I am amazed at the hypocrisy of the eco-corporations time and time again. Peta announces a campaign to stop cooking and eating crabs and launch it in the crab eating territory, Maryland. Why, you might ask? To impact the economics of those meat eaters among us… Now I have no issues with Peta, but get a grip.

I am not an animal rights believer as I think “respect” is a better term. I have the ultimate respect for all nature. I believe we humans are mammals and that all creatures on earth are interdependent. We are all dependent on the earth we all live on to eat, live, and survive. Our ancestors were omnivores, and continue to be. This is a fact. Just because we have become so arrogant as to believe our increasing intelligence can change that, I feel differently. We are a part of nature… we eat animals, and especially as babies need animal protein to grow. Get over it… intelligence will not change this. Now we might believe we are better then that, and that might be the case, but the laws of nature have not changed.

Well I am not a scientist, but when last I looked crabs are crustaceans. Crustaceans are bugs. Bugs are definitely part of nature and deserve respect, but what about all the bugs that get whacked growing all the vegetables? I would guess millions of tons get eliminated around the world to supply this new “clean”, “guilt-free” food trumpeted by vegetarians and especially vegans. When will Peta stick up for them? I, and I am sure other “sinners” have often been preached to by vegans that they eat nothing that “has a mother”. Well crabs, as all insects do have mothers, and fathers for that matter. Will Peta come out with a campaign to save bugs? Of course not… donors hate bugs, and donations is what eco-corporations hold dear.

Now let’s get serious and maybe it is time to grow up and realize no matter how noble our food, to many, bugs are not worth saving. I believe differently. All nature needs to be saved… not just cows, pigs, fish, etc. And what about the huge carbon footprint of all those bananas, avocados, and soya beans needed to maintain peoples noble diets?

So before we preach to others look at your own house. Nature is nature… bugs to cows. I try to maintain a local diet. I support local farmers, including meat producers who raise grass fed animals and fish sustainable resources… like crabs. I do not preach to others but local food is not only healthy, but also sustainable. No rain forests are whacked, no feed lots, no GMO, and especially no farmed fish that destroy wild oceans. In my humble opinion this is truly an earth friendly diet. If as a vegan, you grow your own food or eat local fruits and vegetables as many indigenous people do; then preach away. If not, shut up or you become a typical arrogant human demigod.

I hope all eco-groups flourish but let’s stick to the facts. Eat whatever diet you feel comfortable with, and leave the rest of us alone. Veganism is a diet choice… good for some, but not for all. It is not necessarily good for the earth. If you choose veganism for health reasons, more power to you. If you think gluten is our enemy, so be it… Many are just fads made popular by gulfstream environmentalist, and limousine liberals. The media buys in, and we all feel better, but the earth suffers. It is really time we get together and look at the big picture. All nature has a place. We humans are part of it. Discuss consumerism, economics, big pharma, over population, and all the evils we humans propagate, but prioritize our arrogance and start making a real difference. The oceans are dying. The landmasses are being raped by over cultivation and we worry about crabs? Give me a break. We need to get together and not drive wedges into the very alliances that can make a difference.

As many know I am against salmon farms among other things… not because people eat fish, but because they are killing nature so the sheik can enjoy sushi bars worldwide. I know, I know the media has made them cool, but really do we need sushi bars in Ohio? Do we need to destroy indigenous fisheries to supply fake food for the elite to enjoy? I say no. Local poor people eat fish, their catch should not go primarily to fish farms as they do in many localities.

I am sure this will piss many off, but I hope it will start a conversation which will help us preserve the little wilderness the earth has left. As my good friend Doug Tompkins said: “if humanity comes to a cliff, why not make a 180 degree turn and continue forward… this is true progress. To continue forward will just send us all off the cliff. I’m just saying.

Do yourself a favor and THINK ABOUT IT!

Written by peter jay brown

Peter Jay Brown is a director and cinematographer, who specializes in real life stories, cultural adventures, LIVE events, and big sexy animals that can eat you! His 35 years of experience producing shows such as Real People, Entertainment Tonight, and numerous cable programs have given him a unique insight into the storytelling arts both in and out of the studio. From riots to intimate ceremonies Peter will deliver what is needed to translate the story on to the screen, be it TV or film. Best known recently on TV for his stint on Animal Planet’s hit show, Whale Wars, Brown has been active in the Sea Shepard Conservation Society for over 30+ years, and has recently released a feature length documentary based on his experiences, entitled “Confessions of an Eco-Terrorist”. Over the past years, Brown has produced and directed twenty films with the Kenya Wildlife Services for International television to champion wildlife conservation in Africa. In December 2001 Brown helped Mary MacMakin (winner of the EIS award in Chicago for her 40 years humanitarian work in Afghanistan) re-establish her charity PARSA in Kabul Afghanistan. Aside from his charity and conservation work, Brown created, wrote, directed and produced the Award Winning (NEA Golden Apple, NEA Bronze Apple, ABC Clio) self- esteem based television series “Pops”, which was also incorporated into the elementary level curriculum in five states. He was the original Field Producer/Director in 1981-82 for one of television’s most successful shows: “Entertainment Tonight”, and was the official film biographer of Dr. Norman Vincent Peale for the last years of his life. Early in his career, Brown created the conceptual foundation for NBC’s “Real People” #1 rated television series; producing and directing over 100 up lifting, positive stories between 1979-81. Brown has produced/directed LIVE concerts for Diana Ross, Jars of Clay , and worked on variety TV shows and the US Music festival. He has filmed religious and cultural events around the world. In October 2012 he produced a LIVE stream signal from Taiji, Japan via cell phone with his association with DSILIVE. December until the present has been broadcasting LIVE from Antarctica... the ends of the earth. Presently in Hawaii working on reef restoration and defense with local environmental groups, Brown continues to use the media to promote and establish conservation priorities.

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