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It is time for a new beginning!

It is easy for humans to support projects that will be good for future generations until their pocketbook is affected. Then a whole different set of criteriums takes over. We are historically selfish and arrogant animals who feel that what is good for us is good for all. This probably worked in history when we did not dominate the planet. When areas existed for other species to live, the biodiversity and nature’s interdependence was not over all affected. Today things are quite different. With climate change upon us; whether human caused or a sun event… these are mere opinions to be debated, I prefer to deal with facts, as facts never change and are not debatable. The fact is: we are mere residents of a planet ruled by nature. As much as we try to play god, we always fail. In the future our species, as will other species will suffer our delusions, but for now we can enjoy our pretend lives.

With governments armed to the teeth set for war, and massive debt mounting, it is much easier to believe our leaders and pretend they are right. They are not. We must all reassess our lives and the governments that rule the human species… all of us. Perhaps western culture does not bring real happiness. Perhaps the myths we have lived under for the last few hundred years are flawed? Before you dismiss this outright really give it some thought. I have travelled the world and I am always amazed how alike our needs and our loves are. How similar we all are. While governments and the military industrial complex push war, has war really helped the people? Did bombing Iraq and Afghanistan back to the stone age really help anyone? While the people of Iraq and Afghanistan suffered to make George Bush feel less aggrieved, what about the families of wounded warriors… or the warriors themselves? Do they think we really did the right thing? I doubt it; as war makes us all suffer, victors and losers alike. It doesn’t matter one bit to the children of either side when their fathers don’t come home, or they do come home permanently sick, both mentally and physically. We fight wars for mostly stupid reasons. Reasons that make governments strong and corporations rich… for democracy they say!

First let’s be very clear that the US is not a democracy. We are a republic. We, the people, do not elect our leaders. If we did George Bush and Donald Trump would not be President. The electoral college in America elects our presidents. For freedom some say…  America has more laws that constrict our freedoms then most countries. What color you paint your house, what drugs are legal and/or illegal, and for years who we can or cannot marry were all laws… not laws that protected our freedoms, but laws that restricted our freedoms at every turn. Big industry with huge budgets dictate who we are and what we do. Nature has always taken second place and even those “not like us” have been relegated to lower class . Some countries like Indian even incorporate caste systems, and Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia make females second class citizens and put homosexuals in prison. Is this freedom? Does this help us in the long run? I say no.

I have spent the last few months in Canada with the First Nations Gitxsan. Their culture goes back thousands of years well before ”white man” arrived to bring them prosperity and assimilate these perceived savages into our great western culture. They were herded onto reserves, their children were kidnapped and put into residential schools to be indoctrinated, and their language and culture destroyed. Did it work? For the Canadian Federal government it worked great. Many native cultures were destroyed along with the people engaged in them.

Presently the Gitxsan are re-asserting themselves, but so much has been lost. Many of the young cannot speak their language, and in a culture with a long rich oral history this has been a huge loss. I tend to agree their ancient cultural way of life is much better than our western culture. I say “western culture” with a grain of salt. Western culture to me is rooted in greed and control. Western culture is good for a few… and the rest of us needs to live in our dreams to be just like them. Really? I do not want to be just like Donald Trump or Kim Kardashian. The Gitxsan way of family, houses, and clans where people are cherished and respected is far better then used and abused. Those of us from “my tribe” have no real culture. Oh we celebrate some similar holidays and traditions, but on the whole we worship the almighty dollar. We think our happiness comes from subjugating immigrants and nature to serve or needs. We look the other way as corporations clear cut our forests and rape the oceans… hell is it worth it if we can increase our individual status by eating sushi and growing salmon in shit ponds? Once again I say no.

Maybe I’m a radical thinker, but I feel my thoughts and Ideas are conservative. Not conservative where I want to build walls to keep others out, but paths to allow others in. Maybe, just maybe they will show us a better way. Now I know it is a sin to go against a 200 hundred year old constitution written by slave holders and want-a-be industrialists, but really do we all need automatic rifles in our closets? Maybe if you want to shoot up a place of worship, be it Christian, Muslim, or Hindu, but for the rest of us… no. The founders of America wanted to protect themselves from an intolerant King and I get that, but today we are only trying to protect us from those who think differently. We have indeed become our own worst enemy. It is a never ending spiral exploited by politicians who wish to rule by fear. It works. Look at the polarization of the Americas. The elite sit back and enjoy their sushi, the rest of us watch as the oceans die and whales go extinct. Oh we will all mourn the loss and move on until there is nothing left. Then those left will spit on our graves.

It is time to re-assess what is really important. Maybe the future is more important than a new truck or SUV today. Maybe instead of spending our time laboring to make corporations rich, we should spend more time with our children so they have a real future. A future where nature, not the dollar is revered. Maybe we should look at this life and how we behave now instead of believing that just before death we can acknowledge our sins to have a better life in heaven? I’m just saying that maybe there is no heaven. Jesus, Mohammed, and Buddha were maybe just great teachers, not path ways to a mythical place in the future. Maybe the rules they preached, while true should be used today to make us all better humans today, not the future. Make us live with the trees, bees, birds and animals that make the earth what it is insteadof using them to deal death to all others, maybe we should all work for life for all.

I do this in my life, and I am often criticized for being anti-religious, anti-business, just plain anti… I want to be very clear that I am for life. For all life. Aliens will not save us. Governments of today will not save us. We need to reassert our own connection to nature and maybe we can save ourselves.
This summer I will help others save a small resident population of orcas. We will come up against whale watchers, fishermen,  and tourist whose self-righteous right to see whales surpasses the whales right for existence. Their existence depends on salmon. Our dams, our “need” for cheap salmon no matter how tainted the food product seems to surpass what is really important. Nature exists for a reason. We are part of it. We are dependent on it. Maybe our schools should start teaching our children our place in it instead of our arrogant suppression of it.

I am sure nature will win out in the end no matter how clever we feel we are. No technology, or industry can hold back one night of a storm. No bulldozer can move as much sand from a beach as one night of waves. How many floods will convince us otherwise. When will we see that cutting down of our forests, or controlling nature through dams and levies does not work in the long run? I am hoping soon. There is no economy or privilege on a dead planet.

We as humans have progressed our way to a cliff. Do we continue on our present track and step off to oblivion or for those believers, heaven?  Or do we pause and do a 180 degree turn and move back to what is really important? We can start today where ever we are and stop dumping sewage into our oceans, quit cutting down rain forests to grow bananas to feed the new religion of veganism, and get back to protecting the nature we have left so future generations can survive. Maybe the western proclaimed “savages” were right after all.

My hope for a future for my grandchildren and their grandchildren is that the few humans that survive the future we are heading toward will take a saner path. A path of living with nature in co-operation as many ancient cultures such as the Gitxsan and the Hawaiians lived. We are meant to be a part of nature, not abusers of wilderness… but part of it. Let’s use the lessons of the past and move forward each in our own way. I will help the Gitxsan today, and I will spend my last years on earth protecting nature… working in a positive way to make others understand that the Southern Resident orcas have as much right to live in peace as you and I. The time is now for all sane individuals to stand up, not only for themselves but for all life.

Before you dismiss me as a nut, think about it. Take a walk in the forest, a swim in the ocean, or climb a mountain and you will become renewed by the over whelming power and spirit of nature. We will all be better off for it.

Help others help the earth! is presently working on two projects and both are in need of old iphone 6. In one month’s time we will be patrolling the waters off the San Juan Islands in Washington State protecting the Southern Resident Orcas from human harassment. There are laws that protect these endangered whales and we will bring technology to bare to keep the public and shipping at bay. It is amazing how video surveillance deters crime  on land… we will now operate a similar LIVE STREAM system at sea from our boat the Wii Seeks. After much experimentation we have discovered that iphone 6s work great with our streaming system to keep watch. We need your help.

We are also presently helping the First Nation’s Gitxsan in Northern B.C. to communicate their treaty negotiations with the Canadian Federal government over fish tenure. Their need to assert hereditary rights to their traditional territory continue today. The Gitxsan governance negotiations need to be understood, not only by their own people, but by the rest of us. Colonialism is dead , and needs to be buried.

We at are helping set up a communications that fits the need…. AND iphone 6is our present camera of choice. They work great and fit nicely in the system we have set up. Check out what’s happening at

I know many of you have these older model phones stashed away somewhere. Well get them out, and send them to us… we can really use them. We will use your old devices to make a difference, and can give you a tax deductible tax receipt to boot. PLEASE contact me at gaianetwork0@gmail.comand I will tell you where to ship. THANK YOU and your old phones will really help.

The Time is NOW!

I am up in Canada presently working with the First Nations Gitxsan Treaty Society trying to give them a voice in their re-establishment of territorial and fish tenure to the Skeena River. I’ve known the Gitxsan for years and was proud to ally with them this summer on the salmon issue. They have never given in to the feds no matter the pressure and have gained control of 33000 square miles of hereditary territory in Northern BC. Their territory includes the Skeena River, one of the last great salmon rivers in Canada. Their fight is my fight for sure, and it should be everyone’s fight as it involves the future of the oceans, bears, eagles, orcas, and ultimately humanity. The Gitxsan get it, why don’t the rest of us? Why are we so short sighted to not see the importance of nature? 

I got involved with the Gitxsan for the same reasons that I am involved saving orcas. Much like the federal government of Canada and the US has a history of lying and breaking promises to their indigenous populations, the governor of Washington has stuck one to the rest of us. I know, I know in this era of Trump where lying doesn’t matter;  are we really going to roll over and allow our orcas to suffer? Or are we going to stand up and force our governments to protect our futures?  

Maybe the governor figures we’ll allow him to disregard the whales. Maybe he’s lining up a war-chest from monied groups and lobbyists to run for a higher office? I don’t know, but the Gitxsan know full well about broken promises and depleted resources. Maybe we can learn from history and not allow these short sighted individuals to destroy our future too? will stand up and fight. Orca Protection & Rescue is needed more now, than ever and with the public eyes of the state, country, and world focused on the plight of these magnificent creatures, we can force the government to listen. Let the governor of Washington know that we are mad and will not take it anymore. Let him know the you believe more in the future of all species than oil tankers or lobbyists’ pay offs. This is our future. Once the orcas are gone, they will not come back. If we give in now , why not make the future poster child of Washington State the spineless jellyfish. Stand up and join us. 


I am presently in the north of BC, Canada in Gitxsan Territory helping out an old friend Gordon Sebastian, the Executive Director of the Gitxsan Treaty Society. As a retired television director I have been asked to consult on how best to communicate the Gitxsan treaty discussions with the federal government… a new reality. The Gitxsan, having never given up their rights to anyone, including the Canadian Federal Government; are now reasserting these rights over 33000 square kilometers of British Columbia. This includes their tenure to fishing rights in the Skeena River watershed. It is an important time for the Gitxsan people and Canada, and I am proud to help.

We at will help them produce videos and train local tribe members to operate and maintain an internet Live Stream network so the Gitxsan Treaty Society and the Tribal council can provide clear transparent communications as this process proceeds. I have some experience in this regard and being retired, have the time to help out.

The Gitxsan have a long history going back thousands of years in self-governance and activism in general. I met Gordon in 1991 when a contingent of First Nations warriors travelled to Porto Rico to occupy and seize the replica Columbus ships on their way to celebrate the 500th anniversary in 22 cities across America. For those who missed the celebrations, you can thank the Gitxsan… they were cancelled.

After Art Loring, maybe best known for the Canadian Rail blockade in 2014 , along with three others occupied the Santa Maria, claiming the ships for the indigenous people of America, and ultimately negotiating with the Spanish Government for their safe return. Unbelievable I know, but this really happened. Not only did the Gitxsan receive an apology from the Spanish Government, but avoided jail to boot. Canadian writer and founder of Greenpeace Robert Hunter wrote of the incident in his book: RED BLOOD.

This action stopped the entire planned year-long celebration, and helped change America’s opinion of the once revered explorer. Today, Columbus is considered not only not the first European to “discover” the new world, but he was a butcher… not a hero as I was taught in school. The changing of public opinion is often attempted but seldom succeeds. This time the courage of Art Loring and others changed the world. Why and how you might ask? By having the courage to stand up against all odds to do the right thing.

As one looks at recent Gitxsan history the scenario of courage to stand up rings true with their history. From the 1985 CNR blockade, the Delgamuukw court decision in 1997, to the more recent treaty discussions, the idea of courage comes to the fore. We can all learn from the Gitxsan.( )

When I first met the group in 1991 the Canadian Indian Act was still removing children from their villages to incarcerate them in Government schools where their language and culture was stolen from them. When I first was told of this practice I could not believe what I was hearing. I had always thought of myself as a highly educated individual, and thought practices such as these were ancient history. In Canada it was happening as late as the 90s…. I was appalled to say the least.

Today the Hereditary chiefs have control of their traditional territories and govern themselves with laws and traditions that have served them well for over a thousand years. Their culture of conservation and their governing practices of self-reliance and fairness is something we from the lower 48 should emulate…

That being said, we can all learn something from not only the Gitxsan wilps and ayookw, but specifically from their examples of their courage. They have stood up for their people and traditions against all odds. Many other first nations bands lost or were co-opted by the white man, and white man ways. It was not easy I am sure, but their courage will win out in the end. It is a lesson for us all and I am proud to be a small part of what should become a future for us all. ( )

Ego- corporations vs. eco-activism, which do you stand for?

As many of you know, I’ve been working on a film for the last few years as a sequel to CONFESSIONS OF AN ECO-TERRORIST, a passion-project I started that became a major part of my life and a movie that has been seen by millions of people all over the world. The original film did well to re-direct dialogue about the “T” word being thrown around at eco-activists; like sexual misconduct accusations are today.  Hey, I was known as the eco-monk, so I have absolutely no issues there… Thank God. 

Now for the subject at hand: I’ve been involved with ocean conservation since I was a child on Cape Cod. After I moved to California as a TV Producer, I found myself lucky enough to hook up with Paul Watson, Al Johnson, and Bob Hunter… all early eco-activists. This was 1981.  As a Producer for the number one rated NBC television program “Real People”, I was a perfect fit to cover the activities of a small group of very special activists hoping to save the oceans. Lucky us… we were there for the birth of the modern media world.

Paul Watson had recently left Greenpeace under some minor rule violation… some say thrown out by a lawyer scared of his activism. He claims the lawyer said: “You obviously do not know what Greenpeace is all about!” He formed Sea Shepherd to be able to stay active and not only continue his mission, but make it more powerful, efficient and effective. This is his claim, and I believe him.  Let’s face it; lawyers are like bad parents just there to tell you why not to do things, and why to abide by a bunch of stupid rules.  I know, I know… they keep you out of trouble, but we were out to change the world…and so we did, and continue to do so.

I was told Sea Shepherd’s Rule #1 was no lawyers on the board of directors. The second rule that won me over was: you had to have gone on a campaign to be eligible to be a director. My “active” political participation was ignored by my boss, George Schlatter, a TV and film legend, but also an unknown eco-hero… He broadcast the first major “hero” piece on the Sea Shepherd Conversation Society (SSCS) in the early 1980s. Big deal you say? Back then 40-50 million people watched every week. George broadcast stories I did on Paul twice, and brought him on-air live both times. This was a big deal. A huge deal!

 I actually got busted covering Paul in Japan in 1981 for George. This is a story for another day, but I became hooked on what we could accomplish. It was very clear to me on how useful my services could be for the growing cause of conservation.  I was very heavily involved in many of the early campaigns, and handled all media with a photographer named Mark Gaede back in the day. Gaede bought the first flag and T-shirts and the rest is history. After what seemed like a blip in time, because of our tactics, the camera, and television broadcasts worldwide, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society became known all over the globe, as a major force, fighting for the good of the planet.

I resigned from the Board of Directors in 1992 along with directors Sue Rodrigues-Pasture and Myra Finklestein when the good Captain wanted to pay his then girl-friend Lisa De Stephano. None of us but Paul could see Lisa’s talents, and to pay her…  for what services? I look back at this day to my never being “all in” again.  This directors’ meeting was held at Nat’s café in Santa Monica California.  Sea Shepherd was an all-volunteer organization at that time. Now I understand basic pay for services, but I also believe the fight cannot be taken to the enemy without real volunteer activists.  At the time offices like SSCS maintain today were for Greenpeace.

I spent the next years on my mission to save the oceans… sometimes with SSCS, sometimes not.  I often say in my talks that I’ve been thrown out of the Sea Shepherd organization 4 times… until I resigned officially this summer. Through the years, I continued to help Paul with campaigns I thought important.  My position with the Society has been spotty, but Paul was like a brother, godfather to my children and visa versa…. Looking back, a kind of shitty brother… as he never once stuck up for me against any number of tactical, and/or money disputes with any number of ex-wives and girl friends…and so on and so forth.

How could I take it for so many years, you might ask? 

Well I think if you research my history in the eco-movement, you’ll find me animal and eco-issue-oriented. I could give a damn about the politics of this group or that. I called a spade a spade and tried to win for the oceans. I do this today.  When I was recently removed as captain, and replaced as campaign leader on the 2017 Virus Hunter Campaign for being too aggressive and uncompromising… really… I have the email! I travelled to British Columbia and did my own thing. Today I am involved in the Skeena River management on behalf of the Gitxsan people as they fight for total territorial sovereignty.

I feel it is everyone’s duty to do what they feel is important. I’ve been involved in the “salmon issue” longer then SSCS and 100% support their actions, assisting Dr. Alex Morton.  I think Alex and the First Nations warriors should get everyone’s support (

These actions will continue and I hope SSCS will continue to support Dr.Morton’s efforts to get salmon farms out of BC. I will continue to work toward that end with the resources at hand.

For the last few years I was lucky enough to become associated with legendary Conservationist Doug Tompkins. Doug’s untimely death has set me on my own path. Doug will still be remembered in one thousand years time long after little pirates like Peter Brown and Paul Watson are forgotten.

Doug felt that some times to progress as humans, we must do a 360 degree turn and look back to the future… The future of sustainable local food and resources… 

My new film looks at this very subject. Does more money and progress win out when we become them, and allow corporate branding to squash the very innovative approach that got us this far?  My 30 year involvement in the “Branding fight” between Paul Watson and Greenpeace taught me one thing: 

BRANDING KILLS WILDLIFE , while enriching individual entrepreneurs, and allowing populations to be brainwashed by controlling media and press. 

This is straight out of the book of FASCISM 101…. Hitler did it best, and where did that leave the world? 

I was brought up to QUESTION AUTHORITY… I suggest the time is now. Today eco-groups living inside their little social media bubbles are becoming ego-groups. Supporters need to ask what is really getting done?

I am continuing to develop a project I started with Doug, . It is a step back to throw support to the grassroots organizations.

Perhaps the Greenpeace way of doing nothing and depending on the “feel good” money factor to let them continue to bitch… maybe Sea Shepherd’s new approach of signing on with, in my opinion, dubious third world governments to attempt projects the governments aren’t willing to do themselves; if this is your thing. 

Go for it! I will take a different path.

President Eisenhower when he retired and warned America: “beware the industrial military complex”, America should have listened.  As an ocean activist continuing a life long cause I say to all: “beware the corporatization of activism”.

I have fought hard to keep the visual history of the eco movement free to all to use and peruse. If Sea Shepherd or any other eco-corporation tries to control “the story” beware. If you want the public to believe and follow, then turn on the cameras and let your actions speak for themselves. Good actions, good press. Forget the exclusivity and let those who made history tell it.  CONFESSIONS II: “we have met the enemy…” addresses just this. I think the discussion will lead to others see the light and continue the fight where it does most good. 

I guess what I want to say as the year comes to an end and you are looking for solid eco-donations… look local. Projects and small groups close to your home.  If you want the T-shirt and all the PR material from coffee cups to beer coolers, I can’t save you… but if the group has a larger “e-commerce” then “operations page … then I advise that you are spending more on salaries then results.  Look for and promote results. I’ve been promoting Orca Protection & Rescu, but there are good groups and individuals out there if you look. You might not get the cool T-shirt as seen on TV, but you’ll get the results.

For Wild Oceans!

This week a year ago my worst nightmares all came true as The Sea Shepherd Society sued me to stop release of my new film. They now claimed exclusivity on the film library I only recently donated to SSCS.  I have had to hire a lawyer to get the rights back to my footage so I can use it to tell the real story and express opinions of any, and all involved… unbelievable! Sea Shepherd was acting with some sort of cult mentality. Their actions have turned off many original activists and all who question the emperor get canned, or so it seems.  

Today I can say that we settled and the film will be released! A great big never mind… Never mind?? Really? 

If you have opinions and want to keep involved, join us. We won’t pay you, but your passions will be acknowledged and supported. Although Mr. Watson appears to be trying to secure a legacy he really doesn’t fully deserve, I hope his present supporters who believe the myth will take a few minutes to look at their financials and decide for yourselves. They , too, are welcome.

As the 60 foot super Sea Shepherd yacht “ALCHEMY” sails south for the winter, The boat the Wii Seeks remains in Friday Harbor to start working to protect the Southern Resident Orcas come spring. Every dollar we raise will be spent on enforcement.

The fate of the planet and all who live on it is up to you and me; to all of us. Whatever your talent is, utilize it – as everyone is unique and your personal abilities and passions put to good use is what makes a positive difference.

Keep on fighting the good fight. 

It’s time for change

Our salmon campaign has been very successful with alliances set up across the board. The M/V Wii Seeks heads to Friday harbor tomorrow to work with Orca Protection headed up by Captain Hobbes Buchanan. Scott West arrives tonight to help with the trip and we will start meetings to get the project funded. The Southern Resident Orcas are in real trouble. After a quick dry dock for needed maintenance we’ll be ready to go. Dr. Joe Valencic has helped set the boat up to live stream the situation that will allow law enforcement to watch the enforcement. The whale industry is pretty much an unregulated fisheries as boats of all sizes daily follow the pods to view these creatures.

Now I understand the wonderment of seeing whales, and much like the aquariums of old, whale watching serves as an educational opportunity… but is it working? Maybe for us humans, but it has become disastrous for the whales. Although there are laws to keep boats away, there is no enforcement. No one is there to watch and keep the boats at a safe distance. Some days there are up to 75 boats, many too close following the pods. Think about it. The pod is often surrounded and herded into better viewing positions.

All the heavy motor noise and close proximity of the humans kill any semblance of nature. The whales stop feeding and become confused and almost catatonic. There have been on surviving births in the southern orcas since 2015. The latest casualty was viewed recently live in the media. We all cared as the point of a mourning mother was brought into our homes. Huge amounts of funds were raised but little addressed the problem. Think of trying to communicate with your family with a half a dozen rock bands blaring rock music into your dining room? Would your family communicate? Could you talk to your kids? Make love? Hell no! This is what human viewing is doing to these whales. We are loving them to death.

Of course we all point our fingers at the other guy. Well, wake up and look in the mirror. It is all of us. Much like capturing these animals and putting them into tanks to entertain the masses, natural viewing has become no better. Regulation and boat free areas where the pods can escape are imperative to their future survival. I know that “jobs” are at stake as greater distance and few numbers will discourage tourists from paying whale watch operators, but something has to be done or the only viewing we will have in the future will be on TV. Do we all want to view nature in the future on TV? I do not.

It is not only whale watching that is the problem, but we can start there with regulation. They might even help… We need to educate ourselves, stop run off pollution and stop dumping sewage and garbage into the oceans; their habitat. The city of Victoria on Vancouver Island continues to pump un-treated sewage into the ocean… the ocean that is home to these whales. Did you ever swim there?

In this day and age with what we all know, this is unacceptable. Call the tourist bureau. Boycott the city and force them the wake up and join the 21st century no matter the cost. Money is always an excuse, but what will be the cost of extinction?

The time is now to change and give these animals a chance. Do what you can individually. Vote for change if you are Canadian, demand that whale watch operators obey the few laws that exist, and join the effort to enforce and make new laws to protect nature. Many of us have children and grand children… think of them. Love them to death so to speak, and leave the whales alone.

We at will do what we can, join us and become part of the solution.

Time for change

We are in Friday Harbor trying to arrange dry dock for the Wii Seeks and I have been getting caught up to speed on the Orca Protection plans. So much needs to be done I guess it is up to us to help Captain Hobbes and other parties start. Yesterday at Lopez Island I learned that local activists have been trying for a large number of years to get an Orca Sanctuary imposed to give the mammals a place of peace from whale watching boats. They have been trying for years??? What is the problem? From further investigation I learn that all they seem to do is go to meetings to discuss the problem. No commercial businesses or researchers want to give up their access to these animals. Kind of like the “not in my backyard” philosophy… make others stop but not us.

As always the problem is discussed and nothing gets done. The local citizens are frustrated, and I don’t blame them. My suggestion is always to end the BS, politics, and meetings and go to the streets. Flood county government meetings. Throw out the representatives who have been discussing the subject for years. Make the powers that be, DO SOMETHING. We humans often, so as not to upset our friends and neighbors, will talk and study a problem to death before anything is done. It is time for a change in tactics.

Remember we are not doing the dying, the whales are… and quickly. They all have alphabet names and people know them by sight. A false alarm was raised the other day as J50 was missing and then claimed lost. It turns out she is still with us, but now NOAA is talking of capturing her to treat whatever illness she has to treat her. I mean really? Capturing a wild animal in my opinion is never good. First, I realize it makes us feel good as heroes… what does the animal feel? Do we know? Of course not. Maybe nature should run its course, and we should spend our time and money cleaning up her home? This is way more difficult as we need to look at ourselves. Clean up the ocean and put pressure on Canada to stop dumping raw sewage, and Washington to stop the introduction of 800,000 Atlantin salmon to fill up the site where a similar ni=umber escaped recently… just a thought.

Why we cannot impose regulations, self imposed or not to save the Southern Resident Orcas is beyond me. There are always a few bad apples who push the rules to make their clients happy by driving too close or in short harassing the creatures. Well stop them. If you are opposed to direct intervention then use public scorn… it usually works. I remember people originally ignoring smoking rules until the public really got aggressive and pushed the subject. The concerned public got into smokers’ faces and demanded they obey the rules. They put aside their fear and timid natures and spoke up. Oncce scorned others did the same, and in a few short years you see no one lighting up in a bar or restaurant. Public pressure works.

Confront your friends and neighbors and stand up for the whales. You might regret it now, but when they are gone, your children and grand children will spit on your graves for allowing yet another species to go extinct under your watch. Be brave take a stand and do it now.

I also understand there are a number of researches crowding the whales. I understand the importance of science and research, but don’t we have enough for now? What are we researching? How the whales can stand swimming in our sewage? How the whales communicate and replicate surrounded by the noise boats emit? Maybe, why they can’t find salmon to eat while we suck up all the resources and allow salmon farms to poison our oceans. I mean really do we need all this up close research just now? My answer is no we don’t. Start your research again when they are extinct, but give them peace now. It is the least we can do.

In the meantime clean up our act. Maybe, just maybe if we give them some peace they will reproduce again and come back. I know salmon farms should be removed, and this is another situation the local people know is bad. They all know the open pen salmon farms pollute their waters and add sea lice, antibiotics, and pesticides to the oceans that have made the San Juans a beautiful place to live in the first place. Really think about it? People around the world are holding protests in far off cities to show they are concerned. It is up to the local people, local fishermen, and Natives to take it upon themselves and hold their governments, local businesses, and the themselves responsible.

Now we at have thrown our support behind Captain Hobbes Buchanan of Friday Harbor. We have offered our assets free of charge, but it takes money and volunteers to keep the whole thing a float so to speak. Help him out, make a donation, offer your services to help. We can all do something and we don’t have to be rich to contribute. We at ask people to donate $5.00; the price of a cup of coffee at Starbucks. We, of course need more, but the five dollars will get you involved and give you “skin in the game” so to speak. It is necessary for everyone to get involved. Start today or there will be no tomorrow for the wild oceans!

I appreciate your indulgence to my rant, but I am here, and I am getting more concerned daily. Speak up and become part of the solution. Thank you.