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Happy Birthday America: ”let’s hope we become wiser…”

As I sit here on the aft deck of the gaianetwork trawler: Wii Seeks, I can watch fireworks from all directions, but it doesn’t take long before I begin to question it all. There we were, blasting sonic booms and showering the local waters with carbon debris, and me enjoying the show immensely. I sat there wondering at my fascination. BUT after my ears were violated, and blast waves began hitting my body, I went for ear plugs, and a heavier coat. After I returned,  I sat and began to wonder about the whales and other wild life.

Do foxes look to the heavens and enjoy the show while explaining to their kids that not all explosions kill you? In Disney’s latest hit, maybe, but in reality no way. House pets run for the hills… if I recall.

Once again, with my butt planted back on the deck bundled in a heavier coat and ear plugs, I had to wonder about the whales.

Now you have to be Neanderthal to not know the whales are highly auditory. Everything they do involves sounds… intricate sounds, some imperceptible to us highly advanced humans. Until recently they were able to communicate across great swathes of ocean. Much like city lights make “star gazing” impossible, and sitting next to a highway makes “listening to nature” futile, the whales can’t talk, hunt, or procreate in marine chaos. Like it or not, we are that chaos.

I’d like to just figure that fireworks are fleeting and cool. They are a great family event that I have in my life often looked back at with love. But birthday’s like the 4thare times for reflection. Maybe we as a species can change, and all be better off for it? Maybe, just maybe we will learn that greed for money does not bring happiness now or in the future? It just eats things up. Like it or not we only have one earth and no place to go when we wear it out. We need to start thinking conservation, not think of new and better ways to use things up.

I was viewing the local parade, and met a new friend I have made here. He is very political and anti-Trump, but that is not important here… What he said after watching the festivities was:      ” your tribe is heavily represented…” meaning of course, orca lovers. I agreed. Everyone wants to do something, and it is good knowing that locals are doing so many positive things in so many different ways. They are doing important things today, and I was invited here to help out.

Friday Harbor is no different than where I grew up on Cape Cod. I learned quickly that everyone blames someone else. I didn’t have to be a scientist to realize quite quickly that the whales are being exploited by all parties concerned, one way or the other. No blame, fact.

If you don’t know it already, the Southern resident Orcas are missing, and after 60 days of absence, maybe, god forbid, the SOUTHERN RESIDENTS are gone for good? Has business ceased or whale watching operations gone broke?  Is it the end? Questions each one of us can answer.

I would like to believe otherwise, but maybe if one believes as I do that all nature is connected in a biological and spiritual way, maybe these creatures are actually telling us something? Like communicating to us… Maybe it is a warning we should all heed. I’m just saying…..

It is time for change here. Let the public vote on local orca restrictions. It worked for jet skis. I know I am old fashion, but jet skis have no place in nature, just as dune buggies shouldn’t be squashing tortoises in the desert.  We, Americans are one year older. Let’s get smarter.

First let’s hope the Southern Residents return for San Juan’s sake; I just hope they have found a more peaceful place to live.  Whether you see them again or not, I hope this “scare”will wake us all up.

Working with anyone who will have us, we at www.gaianetwork.netare continuing or effort to set up what we are calling NEIGHBORHOOD ORCA WATCH. Our initial tests have been positive and a recent volunteer from UC Santa Cruz has been sorting through IT issues. Other local orca groups have voiced their support and I feel this is a way to help all concerns citizens, whales and humans.  We’re just watching, and you can watch too; we plan to stream LIVE and in LIVING COLOR!

N.O.W. will be operated locally and will be an inclusive and not an exclusive operation when finally functional. All are welcome.

 We will be testing and lining up volunteers over the next month hoping to launch phase one in August.

All donations of cash, time, or professional help will be accepted at

Thank you

Peter Brown

Why is myth so easy to believe… when truth might set you free?

We have reached a level of success in our orca protection 2019 campaignand are actually in a position to help the Southern Resident orca whales. Much has changed because the situation is happening “now,” and change is continually expected. I have learned to accept change and keep moving on. We, on the Wii Seeks are keeping our eyes on the prize. The orcas, remember them?

Things are happening, real and good things. Some of the bad reactions come from fear, often motivated by: “Change is impossible.”To us, however, those tough solutions just take a bit longer…  BUT we CAN overcome.

Everyone wants to save these beautiful creatures, but no matter what they profess, few will really put them first. Being a human, I know this is a human trait. But, first of all, we can make real change happen for the orca whales by obeying the laws that exist. This would be a good start. What a concept! After that we can move on with “new perceptions” and beliefs in the power of working together. It is time for us to solve this painful puzzle of pending SRKW extinction—one piece at a time.

The myth easiest for us to believe is: It is someone else’s fault. This might be true in some cases, but it would be much more useful to the orca Southern Resident orcas if “we” collectively tried to help solve the problem rather than believe this myth about “someone else”, and bitch.

Another myth is: Nothing will change. This is easy enough to believe; but there is something to be said about nourishing one’s soul and fighting the good fight. Then, as we pass on, we can look our grandchildren straight in the eye and revert to myth # 1: “Don’t blame me, I did all I could.” At least we can pass over to wherever our beliefs allow, with a smile on our spirit face. If you’re a Hindu, maybe get a higher step on that ladder to re-incarnation. For me, I’ll go back to the earth from whom I came, hoping that I have played a small part in healing some of the destruction my generation has administered.

So, now might I suggest that it is a good time to give co-operation a try? How can it hurt? Maybe we’ll help bust the “nothing will change” myth and our neighbor orcas might survive. We can then “blame” ourselves and our real love for their future.

The fourth and biggest myth is the easiest to slough off. What can I do?Well, let me tell you that you can do a lot. Hell, you can start a movement if you believe in the mission, and don’t believe the above myths.

Please go to www.gaianetwork.netand donate your experience, ideas, technical expertise, and any money you can afford to allow us to cover our expenses and get these whales protected. We are actually here in their home territory, on site. What a concept!

Thank you

Peter Jay Brown




Why do we humans miss the elephant for fear of the mouse?

peter OPR

My business as I get older, probably because I have drunk the eco-koolade, is nature. I have spent 40+ years fighting governments, industry, and individuals to keep as much nature alive as I can. Oh yes, I could have easily been rolled over by ego-corporations and been paid for what I do, but it feels somewhat more righteous to work as a volunteer because the job is simply the right thing to do. I am lucky after these many years that I can live frugally and can give my time. It is important to leave this earth better then when we all arrived, and the time is now for all of us to get off our couches and help.

I am presently stationed in Friday Harbor, the headquarters of Northwest whale watching one can safely say. Now, I come from a smaller town with fewer people then here, so I get the fact that that personal animosities go deep. I have already learned that half of the town hates the other half and some feuds go back years.  Cape Cod was like that and Nantucket did more to destroy all whales than anywhere else, so my guilt runs deep. Well, now it is my mission to convince the locals here to give up past grievances for the sake of the orcas. Friday Harbor now titters on going down in history for losing yet another species of whale. I cannot let that happen by blaming others or simply looking the other way.

I do not live in Washington and I am certainly an interloper, but in this issue, I consider myself a representative of the whales. I am a citizen of this planet and have the right to speak out. May I suggest that no matter how much fun I can imagine it would be to look into your bedroom window and watch you make love, or to blast KISS on my stereo while looking into your kitchen window and watching you have dinner, I am quite sure you would not be amused. I don’t need to be a biologist to guess– the whales don’t like it either. Think about it.

What if a local entrepreneur started running Peeping Tom, and Rave party buses to your house? Would you worry about shutting down their businesses? I think not!

So, I am here to do my best to ask my fellow humans to back-off and allow nature to be. The governor should have included the whale watching moratorium in his orca protection bill, but “business” interests spoke out and he caved. If we want to help these whales, we must make some changes and quit pointing to someone else as the culprit. We are the reason they are suffering… noise, harassment, pollutants, dams, over fishing, raw sewage pumped into their habitat, and plastics all come from us. It’s time for us all to step up, take responsibility and save these poor creatures. I know, I know, there are many reasons they are dying. But I need only to look in the mirror and know the real reason: we have met the enemy and it is us!  What I do not understand is why can we not all support giving these creatures a break?

I heard somewhere that the Southern Residents are only ten percent of the local Whale Watch business. Will your businesses really suffer if you just leave the southern residents alone? It was suggested to me by a friend and fellow activist that Friday Harbor could be in the forefront of real environmental change. Why not run authentic eco-tours without disturbing nature? Why not become a beacon to enlightened nature policies instead of continuing to use the very creatures you all claim to hold so dear? I know this is America and we gotta get aggressive and make money, but if the millennials are as clever as they believe, they will flock to be part of the solution. Maybe a change in perspective will be a huge success? What a concept. Instead of hunting these creatures with high speed boats, secret radios, and “big eyes,” which by the way is illegal under the federal laws that protect endangered species, why don’t we stop the hunting altogether. A hunt is a hunt whether you carry a camera or a gun. If law enforcement paid attention and enforced laws that exist, the jails would be full.

We at www.gaianetwork.netare operating the small trawler, Wii Seeks. We are setting up a live-stream operation that will really keep an eye on what’s going on. This network can be joined by all. Even whale watchers! We will let the public and law enforcement really see in real time what is happening. Maybe then change will happen, forced or otherwise.

Now, I know this is a touchy subject, but I pretty much have a reputation for practical activism and jumping in where others fear to tread. We do campaigns as if we were an acupuncture needle. We are not so arrogant that we believe we can lead a movement, but we can sure as hell get in the fray, and by actually doing things, get the great middle ground to move in positive directions. If history means anything, maybe we can do it here.

I realize most whale-watching companies hopefully pursue these pods thinking they are helping… be it education, science, or sheer enjoyment. I am sure many obey the Marine Mammal Protection laws and try to do right. They are probably just as upset with those lawbreakers who get too close as I am. BUT it’s all about the money and the lawbreakers are getting better tips and recommendations for getting close to the orcas. Others need to compete and quite frankly no one is looking. This summer we will be looking, so there goes that excuse. It is time to stand up and demand respect for the whales. Make tourists understand as I am sure they want nothing to do with whale extinction.  Help us turn in the law breakers and maybe bring some eco-sanity to the 75+ research permits. Do we really need 75? Can’t scientists co-operate? I suggest this summer they try.

I always end my controversial discussions with: “There is no whale watching ,tourist industry, or jobs once the whales are gone. No economy whatsoever on a dead planet.” You can’t walk five feet on Spring Street without being reminded of the importance of the orcas to this region. When they are gone, will jelly fish or plastic garage adorn every sign and T-shirt in the town?

We plan to make a stand and will hopefully be live-streaming people’s behavior. A kind of neighborhood watch.  The whales were here long before us and they have as much right here as we do. We must stop abusing them or they will be gone, and Friday harbor will be thought of as the place that lost the orcas. Let’s all give them their legal space and allow them sanctuaries where no boats ever follow like the long suggested no-go boat zones. Believe me, your grandchildren will thank you.

I will do what I can, but I need everyone’s help and suggestions to make this happen. Volunteers are very welcome from all walks of life– mechanics, writers, internet geeks, captains and crew. We all have talents and can contribute. Do what you are good at for the whales, we will all be better off for it.

I want to congratulate the Lopez group for their San Juan County Initiative. I hope all who can vote in this county sign their petition. Why not put it to a vote? This is America after all, let the majority decide in the privacy of the voting booth. I believe the public will support the whales.

We can exploit the whales; or we can allow them to exist as we would hope our neighbors would allow us… life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If you want to help us, you can volunteer or donate money to cover our expenses at: Thank you

Peter Jay Brown

“I’m just saying…”

As we at continue prepping the Wii Seeks for a summer helping local San Juan Island groups, and Orca Protection & Rescueto give the Southern Resident Orcas some peace. Our efforts hope to give this endangered species relief from vessel harassment so that they might live, feed, and reproduce. The Southern Residents eat salmon exclusively. The reduction of size and numbers of salmon due to a number of reasons have placed these creatures on the endangered list. Humans are now loving them to death…

Presently in the San Juan’s there seem to be a number of NGO’s and individuals who are concerned about the orcas. Numerous campaigns exist today to raise funds to “save the orcas”. Some are great, and some have issues from my point of view… but they are here none the less. The question is: are they having any success? The governor’s task force recommended a moratorium on whale watching, but locals concerned more with money then the oceans lobbied the moratorium out. I do have great hopes for some individuals who recently came together on Lopez Island, not for the fact they are paid by NGOs, but for the fact they care.

Orcas were here way before we humans arrived. Have we been good neighbors?  I don’t think so, but we are certainly cashing in. You can’t go any place in Friday Harbor without seeing an orca represented. They are everywhere and people come from around the world to see them.  Local businesses believe that they keep the local economy afloat… I get it.

I have been living here on the boat for a month plus and cannot escape the conclusion that there are too many so called whale lovers, too busy fighting each other over egos, while a mere few are actually saving the whales. We humans all seem too busy hating one another for past indiscretions,  then concentrating on the task at hand. It’s the whales stupid!

Among other things, I have come to question what I understand to be the 70+ research permits issued to study these animals. I mean, do we really need so many permits? Can’t groups get together and share information? Co-operation, what a concept!

It is a fairly well known fact that whales are affected by noise. Military exercises often lead to the stranding and death of whales around the world. Underwater explosions, sonar, and experiments with low frequency communications have wreaked havoc in marine mammal populations worldwide. These are known facts that many choose to ignore.

I realize that modern humans, although we pretend to be noble and magnanimous are really selfish apes. We will talk a good game, but almost always revert to watching out for number one… especially when it comes to money. America is built on money, capitalism, and exploiting the wilderness. We grew into the society that was built by butchering native cultures, and exploiting the land. Be it oil, minerals, water; it was there for us to exploit, and we did, BIG TIME!

Well it is time to wake up. Natural resources are running out. Cheap oil and cheap food, although processed beyond recognition are out of control. President Trump has loosened up regulations for even more exploitation to feed “the economy” so we can all have new cars, fancier homes and more and more technology. Let’s face it, having a job is more important then having a healthy planet. Humans continue to put “good life” ahead of a healthy earth. I often point out that there is no “good life” on a dead planet, but few listen.

The future is up to all of us. We have progressed ourselves to the edge of a cliff… Is progress to continue forward to our death? Or do we turn around 180 degrees and continue forward starting to realize we are merely one of the numerous citizens of this planet. I suggest conservation… I’m just saying. Let’s get together for once as a species and save these whales


I have been following the work of the Orca Protection & Rescue folks in Friday Harbor from afar as I found myself volunteering to help some old friends from the Gitxsan ( communicate through the internet… like I know? Anyway, I do have a bit of experience setting up off-the-rail activist Live Streams around the world. So I figured what the hell.

Now I am sure that few of you know the First Nations Gitxsan. If you are Americans, surely not but in my life experience they have always showed up in my life to help with what many believed were “against all odds” adventures. Now I have a liking for that attitude myself, so back in 1991 when they decided to capture a Spanish replica Columbus ships on the way to the USA to celebrate 500 years of discovery, I was all in. Fortunately for them,  I was a heavy breather at Sea Shepherd way back then, and Watson was a want-be-Indian for some reason so the SEA SPEPHERD II was their ship of choice. They leased the ship for one dollar to carry out their plans. Now why a bunch of forest natives want to go on a couple week cruise in rough waters is beyond me, and you can image the fun… Robert Hunter wrote about some of it in his book RED BLOOD for the historical record…

I had a ball,  but my friends did not fare so well at sea. My only comment is that if I got sea sick just once, I’d be saving trees… It appears to be miserable although I have my theories, but that is a story for another day. At the time I didn’t get to know many of the activists, but I did get to know Gordon Sebastian, Art Loring, and Ralph Michele. Ralph’s nickname was tiger, and Gordon was a lawyer… enough said. Art was just a man with a mission. I was taking their orders after all so I always welcomed their presence on the bridge. Other then driving the boat, a bridge is usually hours of boredom punctuated by moments of share terror, so you talk. Even the kids talk sometimes as their cell phones don’t work. Heaven for me, hell for them.

So I spent hours each day watching as is the job of the bridge crew, and we talked. I asked questions about their families, their culture… you name it. When I heard the atrocities their thousand year old culture had suffered since “whiteman” arrived, and purposely tried to kill them off… a hundred plus years later, it was still happening in 1991. The Canadian government policies were still present then, and still wreaking havoc today. The horrific “Residential Schools” where children were kidnapped from their parents to destroy their language and culture weren’t closed until the 90s. That  this was happening in 1991 outraged me. You see I come from Cape Cod where the famous Turkey eating Pilgrims celebrated with, and then wiped out the very natives who sustained them in their first year.  My town was proud of their ancestors… me, not so much. I don’t think I have white guilt, but none the less in 1991 I said if they ever needed my help, to ask. This last winter they asked. I’m retired and had the time so I went… It was a very successful start.

Most people who follow me know that I am sort upset with open-pen salmon farms. I have travelled the world and witnessed firsthand how their introduction has led to death of wild stock, cultures, eco-systems… you name it. Oh, the INDUSTRY will give their side. It’s opinion by “biostitutes” . I’ve seen it first hand.  The fact is: farmed salmon is carp for the wild oceans and shitty food in my opinion. I feel it is healthier to eat the plastic it is wrapped in. If you are going to eat salmon, and I do, then make sure it is wild. Farmed salmon will cause the extinction of a species… maybe many species as nature is intimately connected on so many levels. It is not the panacea it has been to sold to us as. There is nothing healthy , glamorous, or green about it.  Really; look it up.

Anyhow back to the subject at hand as I have digressed. In 1991 a Gitxsan gentleman by the name of Art Loring walked on board the replica Columbus ships in Puerto Rico and claimed them for the Gitxsan, Wet’suwet’enpeople much as the Spanish Seafarers had done to them 500 years earlier. As crazy as it sounds, it worked as the Spanish noticed and signed an apology…  major celebrations were cancelled.

This seminal event by the Gitxsan changed history. We ,my tribe, started thinking about the million slaughtered natives this “discovery” began. We colonialists wishfully learned from that experience, but I’m not sure. As I head to make a similar stand for orca protection, I’ll think about Art Loring and the present Gitxsan Hereditary Sim’oogit in their struggle. We at side with the whales, the salmon, and ourselves. The Gitxsan are with us presently securing their fish tenure on the Skeena River in their territories. I support their efforts. Maybe, just maybe my tribe ( K’amksiwaa ) will listen and realize these people not only have territorial and constitutional rights… it’s their land, their river, their fish, their moose ,and their mountains. Why is it so hard for people like me to understand trespass? Why the arrogance? I always ask my friends if they’d be cool with Gitxsan trapping in their back yards? And if they thought that ok, wouldn’t it more civilized if the property owner was at least asked? I think most of us learned the answer in kindergarten. Hell yes!

Well the Gitxsan have closed the Skeena River as it flows through their territory and they have pronounced it off limits to recreational fishing. Maybe you haven’t heard? It doesn’t surprise me as I don’t think the Feds or Provincial hotshots believe them. Well I, as an outside observer of Gitxsan culture, would advise the government to pay attention. I believe in the Hereditary Chiefs’ closure, and I believe they will do it. It seems to me the government better start putting their money where their mouth is. The Trudeau government is preaching reconciliation. Time for them to put up or shut up too. And while you are at it Mr. Trudeau, can you shut down the salmon farms, clean up the tar sands, and start paying attention to First Nations elders who have kept their conservation and cultural morality for thousands of years. Maybe it is time for all of us to stand up for the future. Get your noises out of your phones, your asses off the couch, and practice a bit of your inner “wild”. The bears need your help, the salmon need your help, and the orcas need your help. Save them all and we save ourselves. Think of that when you hug your grand kids or send your own children off into the world. Change is difficult, but I have found it worth everything. The time is NOW for all of us.


I must admit that this has not been a good time for the whales. While the public seems more determined then ever to help save the Southern Resident Orcas, and whales in general, the threats from governments and industries around the world remain strong.

In Washington State, although the governor’s task force met and made solid recommendations to the governor to help protect the state’s poster children, the orca; the legislature took the guts out of the law and ignored the people and nature once again. As always the money interests won the day. Just when I felt that maybe, just maybe humanity is getting it, our leaders cave to industry once again. This is the same old thing. Coal burning power plants, smoke stack industries, and dams were all good until we discovered the truth… by then it was too late.  I know that the whale watching industry is a multi-million dollar industry, but really is that any reason to not protect nature? Are we going to let industry love these creatures to death for cold hard cash?

And the scientists, or so-called scientists, who hold one of the 75 or so research permits to get close up photos that adorn their websites should be ashamed. How much research do we need? Are scientific papers being published to change laws? Hell no! Is anything being served by these permits other than allowing these so-called scientists to get the friends and donors close? Basically as far as I can tell they fly their research flags and enjoy their special whale privileges only to sell giant posters to the public. Maybe there is some benefit, but I quite frankly don’t see it. Aren’t there enough great photos and 4k video of these endangered species? These vultures are much like the Audubon Society rushing out to kill and stuff the last Passenger Pigeon for museum exhibits. Do these whale lovers want that one last photo of orcas to hang on their wall as a species disappears? Now I totally understand humans wanting that photo, and the experience of an “up close” whale experience, but the time has come to back off.

If you are from Washington tell your governor in no uncertain terms that he should forget a “green” presidential run if he cannot even follow the advice of his own task force and protect the orcas. How can he be expected to save the planet as president if he can’t even find the cajones to protect the poster children of the state he is from?  Tell him loud and clear; protect the orcas or find a real job… you know like the rest of us. I realize it is tough to stand up to money interests and really hard to stand up to big money, but that is what you were elected for. We already have Trump, why Governor Inslee wants to be like him is beyond me. I hope Washingtonians wake up and let him know. Protect the orcas or go back to sweeping streets or whatever else he did before becoming a lifelong politician.

Now I hear that the Makah from Neah Bay, Washington are attempting to start killing whales again. For cultural revival they say, but in 2000, even though activists blew that claim out of the water they whacked a whale in 2001 anyway. Did it work for the Makah then? No! Will it work for them now that Trump is in charge? I hope not. To see the tepid response from the once mighty Sea Shepherd Society, it appears that the environmental industry and ego-corporations have little interest. SSCS Seattle threatened lawsuits. Well I , for one, know the mighty legal strength of the once active society, but will it make any difference to the Mahak? What happened to the once great well-decorated Captain? Has he been co-opted? It appears so. Where are his ex-coast guard cutters named after celebrities so amply bragged about in propaganda films? Will the mythological Captain for nature show up? Will he? From what I have noticed maybe if the Mahak offer him an award to build his legacy, the 3 million dollar yacht might show up to accept it on behalf of the planet. It might help, but let’s be honest and say that even the best of us sells out and once again it will be up to the grunts to make a stand. Local grassroots organizations and individuals need to stand up and say hell no! The time of killing whales for sustenance is long past. Go to the grocery store and get over it.

I suggest we all make a stand. Show the Makah that whales mean more to the public then it does to those entrusted for years to represent and protect nature. Don’t spend your money in Neah Bay. Don’t visit Neah Bay and actively say no. Even though we are not a democracy, vote the bastards who support whale killing out of office. Lobbyists can’t pay off those not in office. What a concept… live the myth and put others more in tune to your way of thinking in charge. It is our country, our earth, own it.

For years aquariums made the excuse that it was important to capture live marine mammals to perform in public circus shows for public education. It was big money for Sea World and others, but disastrous for orcas. Sea World saw the light only after the public spoke with their money and attendance dropped. Maybe this is the only way. The responsibility falls to each and every one of us to make a stand.

As Theodore Roosevelt said: “Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits  who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the grey twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.”

Do not live in this twilight. Get off your smart phones, facebook, and youtube, and I suggest you get out there to make a difference.

Join us at, Orca Protection and Rescue, and local individuals to make a real difference unless you want the future of nature to sit stuffed in the museums of the future much like the Passenger Pigeon and so many other extinct species. Without nature, real wilderness, who are we? We’ll take your donations to help our volunteer crews, but I’d rather see you here on the front lines to help us all make a stand for nature.

Peter Jay Brown

It is time for a new beginning!

It is easy for humans to support projects that will be good for future generations until their pocketbook is affected. Then a whole different set of criteriums takes over. We are historically selfish and arrogant animals who feel that what is good for us is good for all. This probably worked in history when we did not dominate the planet. When areas existed for other species to live, the biodiversity and nature’s interdependence was not over all affected. Today things are quite different. With climate change upon us; whether human caused or a sun event… these are mere opinions to be debated, I prefer to deal with facts, as facts never change and are not debatable. The fact is: we are mere residents of a planet ruled by nature. As much as we try to play god, we always fail. In the future our species, as will other species will suffer our delusions, but for now we can enjoy our pretend lives.

With governments armed to the teeth set for war, and massive debt mounting, it is much easier to believe our leaders and pretend they are right. They are not. We must all reassess our lives and the governments that rule the human species… all of us. Perhaps western culture does not bring real happiness. Perhaps the myths we have lived under for the last few hundred years are flawed? Before you dismiss this outright really give it some thought. I have travelled the world and I am always amazed how alike our needs and our loves are. How similar we all are. While governments and the military industrial complex push war, has war really helped the people? Did bombing Iraq and Afghanistan back to the stone age really help anyone? While the people of Iraq and Afghanistan suffered to make George Bush feel less aggrieved, what about the families of wounded warriors… or the warriors themselves? Do they think we really did the right thing? I doubt it; as war makes us all suffer, victors and losers alike. It doesn’t matter one bit to the children of either side when their fathers don’t come home, or they do come home permanently sick, both mentally and physically. We fight wars for mostly stupid reasons. Reasons that make governments strong and corporations rich… for democracy they say!

First let’s be very clear that the US is not a democracy. We are a republic. We, the people, do not elect our leaders. If we did George Bush and Donald Trump would not be President. The electoral college in America elects our presidents. For freedom some say…  America has more laws that constrict our freedoms then most countries. What color you paint your house, what drugs are legal and/or illegal, and for years who we can or cannot marry were all laws… not laws that protected our freedoms, but laws that restricted our freedoms at every turn. Big industry with huge budgets dictate who we are and what we do. Nature has always taken second place and even those “not like us” have been relegated to lower class . Some countries like Indian even incorporate caste systems, and Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia make females second class citizens and put homosexuals in prison. Is this freedom? Does this help us in the long run? I say no.

I have spent the last few months in Canada with the First Nations Gitxsan. Their culture goes back thousands of years well before ”white man” arrived to bring them prosperity and assimilate these perceived savages into our great western culture. They were herded onto reserves, their children were kidnapped and put into residential schools to be indoctrinated, and their language and culture destroyed. Did it work? For the Canadian Federal government it worked great. Many native cultures were destroyed along with the people engaged in them.

Presently the Gitxsan are re-asserting themselves, but so much has been lost. Many of the young cannot speak their language, and in a culture with a long rich oral history this has been a huge loss. I tend to agree their ancient cultural way of life is much better than our western culture. I say “western culture” with a grain of salt. Western culture to me is rooted in greed and control. Western culture is good for a few… and the rest of us needs to live in our dreams to be just like them. Really? I do not want to be just like Donald Trump or Kim Kardashian. The Gitxsan way of family, houses, and clans where people are cherished and respected is far better then used and abused. Those of us from “my tribe” have no real culture. Oh we celebrate some similar holidays and traditions, but on the whole we worship the almighty dollar. We think our happiness comes from subjugating immigrants and nature to serve or needs. We look the other way as corporations clear cut our forests and rape the oceans… hell is it worth it if we can increase our individual status by eating sushi and growing salmon in shit ponds? Once again I say no.

Maybe I’m a radical thinker, but I feel my thoughts and Ideas are conservative. Not conservative where I want to build walls to keep others out, but paths to allow others in. Maybe, just maybe they will show us a better way. Now I know it is a sin to go against a 200 hundred year old constitution written by slave holders and want-a-be industrialists, but really do we all need automatic rifles in our closets? Maybe if you want to shoot up a place of worship, be it Christian, Muslim, or Hindu, but for the rest of us… no. The founders of America wanted to protect themselves from an intolerant King and I get that, but today we are only trying to protect us from those who think differently. We have indeed become our own worst enemy. It is a never ending spiral exploited by politicians who wish to rule by fear. It works. Look at the polarization of the Americas. The elite sit back and enjoy their sushi, the rest of us watch as the oceans die and whales go extinct. Oh we will all mourn the loss and move on until there is nothing left. Then those left will spit on our graves.

It is time to re-assess what is really important. Maybe the future is more important than a new truck or SUV today. Maybe instead of spending our time laboring to make corporations rich, we should spend more time with our children so they have a real future. A future where nature, not the dollar is revered. Maybe we should look at this life and how we behave now instead of believing that just before death we can acknowledge our sins to have a better life in heaven? I’m just saying that maybe there is no heaven. Jesus, Mohammed, and Buddha were maybe just great teachers, not path ways to a mythical place in the future. Maybe the rules they preached, while true should be used today to make us all better humans today, not the future. Make us live with the trees, bees, birds and animals that make the earth what it is insteadof using them to deal death to all others, maybe we should all work for life for all.

I do this in my life, and I am often criticized for being anti-religious, anti-business, just plain anti… I want to be very clear that I am for life. For all life. Aliens will not save us. Governments of today will not save us. We need to reassert our own connection to nature and maybe we can save ourselves.
This summer I will help others save a small resident population of orcas. We will come up against whale watchers, fishermen,  and tourist whose self-righteous right to see whales surpasses the whales right for existence. Their existence depends on salmon. Our dams, our “need” for cheap salmon no matter how tainted the food product seems to surpass what is really important. Nature exists for a reason. We are part of it. We are dependent on it. Maybe our schools should start teaching our children our place in it instead of our arrogant suppression of it.

I am sure nature will win out in the end no matter how clever we feel we are. No technology, or industry can hold back one night of a storm. No bulldozer can move as much sand from a beach as one night of waves. How many floods will convince us otherwise. When will we see that cutting down of our forests, or controlling nature through dams and levies does not work in the long run? I am hoping soon. There is no economy or privilege on a dead planet.

We as humans have progressed our way to a cliff. Do we continue on our present track and step off to oblivion or for those believers, heaven?  Or do we pause and do a 180 degree turn and move back to what is really important? We can start today where ever we are and stop dumping sewage into our oceans, quit cutting down rain forests to grow bananas to feed the new religion of veganism, and get back to protecting the nature we have left so future generations can survive. Maybe the western proclaimed “savages” were right after all.

My hope for a future for my grandchildren and their grandchildren is that the few humans that survive the future we are heading toward will take a saner path. A path of living with nature in co-operation as many ancient cultures such as the Gitxsan and the Hawaiians lived. We are meant to be a part of nature, not abusers of wilderness… but part of it. Let’s use the lessons of the past and move forward each in our own way. I will help the Gitxsan today, and I will spend my last years on earth protecting nature… working in a positive way to make others understand that the Southern Resident orcas have as much right to live in peace as you and I. The time is now for all sane individuals to stand up, not only for themselves but for all life.

Before you dismiss me as a nut, think about it. Take a walk in the forest, a swim in the ocean, or climb a mountain and you will become renewed by the over whelming power and spirit of nature. We will all be better off for it.