GAIANetwork’s “Save the Wild Salmon” campaign will focus internationally on local activism by individuals and groups united for wild oceans. We will bring their actions together into an international movement.

Situations vary depending on the country so we need to take a multi faceted approach. GAIANetwork supports a “death by a thousand cuts” attack strategy.

Unfortunately most large establishment NGOs have given up on the issue. Led by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Conservation International, and the Nature Conservancy, the “establishment” has already agreed to a series of global bargains with international agribusiness. In exchange for vague promises of habitat protection, sustainability, and social justice, these conservation groups appear to be offering to green-wash industrial commodity agriculture. This is short term thinking for an issue that is changing the future of the oceans.

GAIANetwork personnel will lobby NGOs individually, and debate them publicly to change their stands. Individuals like Fabien and Celine Cousteau, Sylvia Earle, Paul Watson, and others have been enlisted to make personal pleas for change. Celebrities and shows like Dr. Oz, Oprah, PBS Frontline, and VICE news have been approached. We are pursuing celebrity chefs to support the cause… this is where our media experience pays off.

Science writer Dr. Jeff Matthews of Canada is collating and summarizing the scientific information being produced daily by industry and activists. We must “get the science right” before going public. More importantly we need to make the information understandable to the consumer market. Jeff has been working with Dr. Alexandra Morton, a leading scientist on the subject of the health aspects of farmed salmon.
The total amounts of antibiotic, pesticide, and viruses are published by the industry. These, compiled with results from our tests, will be instrumental in getting the word out.

There are a number of Industrial aquaculture ventures in the Gulf of Maine, but we will focus initially on salmon aquaculture. Washington State’s Straits of Juan de Fuca is the present battleground in the Pacific. With recent approval of “deep water” farms off California, this will change in the future, but for now we will focus our efforts in the Northwest.

Government is trying to open the Straits to Industrial Aquaculture. Activists are there and are now just beginning their opposition. Legal action has been taken by The Wild Fish Conservancy. https://www.undercurrentnews.com/2015/11/05/ngo-sues-to-ban-commercial-salmon-farms-in-washington-state/
I spoke to Jerry Mander about the campaign and he volunteered his services to help. His advertising and activism experience will be invaluable to our success. We will gather others as we build movement for wild oceans everywhere.

We will initiate and co-ordinate an effort to have US corporations reject farmed fish. Whole Foods, Costco, Stop & Shop, Vons, Ralph’s and many other national markets carry the product. Bart Naylor of Washington D.C. will help with shareholder campaign actions, and we have allied with anti GMO and others to take the fight to the markets. These groups are into boycott and informational actions. They have had success in the past that can be seen with Starbucks “free labor” coffee and gluten–free isles in every store. Consumer changes can come quickly, and we will educate the American consumer to reject farmed fish outright in defense of wild oceans.
We are searching for a celebrity spokesperson to appear in PSA’s and do the talk show circuit for the cause. Julia Roberts has been contacted with initial success and Harrison Ford has been approached. Harrison Ford and Oprah share a lawyer who is also an environmentalist. John Paul DeJoria has been approached to do an informational video to run in his hair salons around the world. We used him for the seal campaign in the 90s and it worked then, it should work now.

America is a media culture, and we must reinforce and maintain a presence in the media. To date, the industry has spent millions telling us why salmon is good for us… we will have much less to spend correcting this misconception. Truth is an easier sell then fiction. Placement and message are the specialty of Lon Haber a director of GAIANetwork and a leading Hollywood PR director.

Ann Mossness has been working on the salmon farm issue in Alaska for years and is an expert on the Alaskian Salmon fishery. We will promote wild salmon as the linchpin of Native Culture, and the indigenous bear and eagle populations. The continuation of salmon farming in Alaska will change the culture and eco-systems in the area forever.

With the recent FDA approval of GMO salmon, I have been meeting with the anti-GMO people to enlist their support to mount an effort to stop stores like Whole Foods, and just about everyone else to stop selling farmed fish. Bart Naylor, a corporate shareholder activist from Washington DC has volunteered to help. The FDA’s approval might be the one thing we need to get the public’s attention. We can exploit the Frankenfish “branding”.

One campaign we will be moving forward on is a yet un-named effort led by high school students on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I spoke at a local high school, and the kids responded wanting to help. We organized through their school’s ecology program a student project to be carried out in the summer of 2016. They hope to get farmed fish removed from all the restaurants and fish markets on Cape Cod. I have been holding the students back a bit as I feel the effort might go viral, and wanted their campaign to be part of the international push. I will unleash the kids this spring either way.

Video projects on Farmed Salmon and Shrimp are being developed with VICE internet news. VICE is very interested and a real hard hitting true story will help get the more mainstream press involved. This could be good for VICE and help GAIANetwork in orchestrating an over all victory.

Financial analyst Don Oiye single handedly took on the aquaculture industry on the Big Island. He was not an activist when he began, but that all changed when a farm was constructed in his favorite bay. Don researched the subject, and used his financial experience to go for the money. He sought relief through Hawaii’s clean water act and won. He has agreed to present his case and how he won online. If fish farms had to universally clean up their mess, they could not financially exist… not in Hawaii or anywhere.

The last refuge for fish farmers will be closed inland systems. Closed systems can remove waste, monitor viruses, and control sea lice thus containing some of the negative variables. GAIANetwork is for wild oceans, so getting farms removed from the ocean and moved to land based operations is a good thing, and we will support this.

Canadians have led the fight against salmon farms generally. Dr. Alexandra Morton is a leading expert in the field and has allied with us. We will help Alex collect samples for testing and help monitor the killing of seals and sea lions at the farms. Killing marine mammals is illegal but happening daily. The farms are very isolated and hard to monitor. GAIANetwork has connections that are helping.
Recently Alexandra Morton won her lawsuit against the DFO in Canada. No one knows what the final results will be, but for the first time ever one farm was removed from Canadian waters, and another was not licensed. It might not sound like much, but it is a start. The interpretation of the recently won federal lawsuit could be the death nil for Salmon Farms in Western Canada. We are helping with media support to help promote the victory.
Protesters ordered off Midsummer Island fish farm

GAIANetwork has lined up Canadian celebrities and is seeking advertising/social media to help Alex get the word out. It does no good to have a major victory and no one knows.
GAIANetwork is offering Alex media help she cannot line up on her own. We also have the equipment and expertise to keep an eye on the remote and isolated locations.
Presently Bonny Glambeck of Clayoquotaction.net is travelling to Norway with a delegation of First Nations’ chiefs to confront Norwegian Salmon farmers. Four of the five major salmon producers are Norwegian. They invented this disaster and still control much of the industry.

The First Nations delegation from Canada will present information as to how salmon farms are destroying their tribal lands and their native cultures. They will meet with the indigenous Norwegian Sami culture. The farms of Norway are quickly approaching Sami lands and a confrontation is inevitable. The natives are becoming restless, and they are on our side.

I will be helping Bonny with media, and we hope to make a point in both countries. I have retained Gordon Sebastian of the Gitzan in BC, Canada as my lawyer. Gordon ‘s activism goes way back, and we have worked together on a number of issues. Gordon has taken the Canadian government court and won more than once over logging rights and land claims. The Gitzan are a matriarchal society and Gordon’s wife is very anti farmed salmon. Gordon and Anita will front GAIANetwork with the First Nations people of western Canada and the US.
The First Nations cultures are fighting back, and Canadian law backs their efforts. Who owns fish cultivated in Canadian waters will become an issue that we can definitely exploit. The native fishing cultures have already started to protest, and their actions will continue with our tactical and media support. Media support is essential for the natives to make their point “big enough” for all of Canada and the world to see. The Ahousaht have vowed to continue their salmon farm blockade until the farms are gone. They need our support.

We are starting work with Eastern Canadian opposition groups now. Research into the use of marine mammal (seal) Omega 3 has already begun. If proved that seals are fed to salmon, I feel the sale of farmed fish from Canada in the USA would be detrimentally affected.

Our planned Internet media campaign, and Public PSAs in California, will also help the Canadian situation. Much of the exported Canadian salmon is consumed in California. I have spoken with local AD agencies to help. I have had some interest in pro bono help that needs to be pursued. I am holding out for the largest firm possible, but will go with who ever has the passion to make a difference. This is in the planning stages now, and the addition of Jerry Mander will strengthen our attacks.

We have met with a number of Scottish activists who have been fighting a very uphill battle. Jenny Scobie of Salmon Wild seems to be standing almost alone as the large Scottish NGOs have compromised themselves to death. There are very few wild salmon left in Scotland and most large NGOs have given up. Jenny fights on, and we will help her promote her conservation efforts and continue to try to bring NGOs back into the fold.

GAIANetwork supported, and helped fund Don Staniford’s campaign in Scotland last month that received fairly good press in the UK. Don was protesting the death of seals at the farms, and the silence of mainstream NGOs to their plight. We helped with advice, and social media support to get the protest heard. My 35+ years record with Sea Shepherd and other groups helped tremendously. Don is extremely active and needs continued support.

We are also working with Professor Ulrich Loening. He is with us, and is doing research in GMO food, be it vegetable or fish. Ulrich is just beginning, but feels his research will help taint GMO food in general. His academic papers will be published soon. I am most interested in the GMO salmon.
He has become part of the GAIANetwork team. Like other volunteers, he is extremely knowledgeable, and he has the scientific expertise to be heard. We will help communicate the the public.

In 2015 we convinced the Scottish Green Party Representative to lead an effort against fish farms at the international Green Party convention in 2015. We supplied academic help and scientific backup to allow him to make an important contribution to the political discussions on the issue. We will continue the relationship to keep the pressure on politically in Europe.

As Scottish Salmon is a leading Scottish export touted around the world, this will be a knock down drag out fight… and one place we might not win unless we can affect international consumers of Scottish farmed salmon. If people won’t eat the stuff, then fish farming will go away and wild stocks can have a chance to bounce back. I feel the “dirty food” aspect needs to be exploited here, and across the board.

Galway Bay in Ireland is the frontline against salmon farming. Here a few real grassroots activists are fighting off the largest proposed salmon farm in Europe. Since I was there, they won! The permit was withdrawn and Galway Bay will remain wild.
GAIANetwork has an internet researcher in Dublin who works for google. He has been researching the scientific papers put out by the farmers and others of interest. I will continue to support him as his research has led us down some very interesting pathes: the most important being the Omega 3 research.
Fish Farms use seven pounds of wild fish for every pound of salmon produced. As exports and farms proliferate they are running out of wild food. Third world fish stocks are being depleted.

Salmon is not grown to feed the increase in population as it is advertised… salmon is grown in generally poor areas, and sold to the rich. This takes the food from the very mouths of the people we need to feed… allowing the rich to have sushi bars in Ohio.
Salmon are carnivores and need to eat fish to produce their own Omega 3. Farms hope to find alternatives. Europe recently approved pig and chicken parts ok to use in salmon feed, but they will need to get Omega 3 from somewhere.
GMO research is trying to make a yeast that will produce Omega 3 for fish feed. This cannot be healthy. One can easily entertain the notion that this is not about food, but about money.

Norway is the villain in this story as Norwegian companies own 4 out of the 5 largest salmon producers. Many farms in Canada and the US are Norwegian owned. We have secretly been researching the introduction of marine mammal products into Norwegian salmon feed. We think it is happening in Canada with seals, and we suspect it is happening in Norway with whale and seal. We have a scientist following the scientific papers on the subject published over the Internet, and an ex-EPA investigator helping follow what evidence we discover. Green Warriors in Norway has been helping out with research there. As Norway supplies its North American farms feed, the introduction of marine mammal parts would break all kinds of import laws against the trade in endangered species. To even import a whale cell takes reams of paperwork.

Norwegian scientists are researching and publishing papers about extracting Omega 3 from marine mammal. We have discovered the trade in whale meat has increased between Norway and Iceland. Norway, Iceland, and Japan have warehouses of whale meat. The Faeroe Islanders kill pilot whales annually, and their population is eating less. Whale to feed salmon farms would be a logical step. I feel that if we can prove our suspicions, farmed fish will have a black eye forever… not to mention all the broken import/export laws the industry will have to contend with. Americans will not eat whale fed salmon. If it is not happening now, it will soon.
As mentioned in the Canada section we will be fostering a closer relationship between anti- farm natives of Canada, and the Sami people of Norway. From what I can tell the Sami are a political issue in Norway, and the Norwegian government is concerned. I feel the Sami can and should be exploited to help with the cause. They are anti farming as they live in and off nature. They know fish farms will destroy their way of life by destroying nature. I can only think of the famous US TV commercial where a American native sheds a tear for the lost environment. It was very effective then, and could be again.

In Norway escaped farm fish are an issue. The GMO produced fish are destroying the wild gene pool, thus destroying wild stocks. GAIANetwork has designed and is building a “fish finder” device to operate in streams to count escaped farmed fish. If it proves useful we will make more to help Rune Jensen and Salmoncam better access eco damage done by escaped fish.
Chile is capitalism gone mad. My trip there was a real eye opener. I met with a number of activists while there from all walks of life. Hector Kol certainly has the research down pat and knows the history. I would put Hector on a speaking tour in Chile as he seems to be very charismatic with young people and might make some headway in changing public perception among the young. I met a number of young people concerned about the ecological destruction of Chilean coastal areas; their interest has to be focused toward a healthy future. Hector can help here.
Juan Carlos Cardenas is a hardened activist best versed in indigenous and “worker” issues. Juan Carlos attacks the Norwegian farms through their labor and health practices. These corporations are running rough shod through once pristine areas that supported healthy indigenous populations. Today local fishermen either sell out to the farms for feed, or are driven from business. I met a number of local fishermen who were anti farm and we need to help them in their fight. This is a story not bing told.

I met with a lawyer from Oceana as Alex Munos of Oceana was out of the country. The lawyer feels that if they can co-ordinate better between laws and evidence that there is a legal solution within Chilean law. My feeling is, Oceana and others might win in court, but what will be left?

I was warned in Chile that it is against the law to mess with economic interests. I do feel that we can help get the locals working together, but I feel the real answer to Chile is a consumer issue. The Chilean salmon rates highest in anti-biotic use, viruses, and basic meat contamination. These figures are public and everyone knows. A few years ago the whole industry was almost wiped out by the ISA virus. The ISA virus is an influenza virus that many scientists feel will someday mutate to humans. Right now the virus is confined to salmon, but if it becomes able to survive in a 20 degree warmer environment… we can expect yet another epidemic in humanity.

Chile exports its salmon… or tries to. Local fishermen are not even allowed to take escaped fish, and the farmed fish is not consumed locally. The Chilean product is too dirty to export to North America so they are attempting to open up Brazil as a market. The solution to Chilean farms is too dry up their markets. We do this in Brazil.
We are organizing a PR campaign in Brazil against Chilean Salmon. An environmental film festival: Filmambiente which tours Brazil yearly will help us lead the way. Suzana Amado, the director, has suggested we organize a PR/media campaign against farmed Chilean salmon around the festival. Suzana can supply Brazilian celebrities and the free press to help. She is keen to get involved. Barbara Vega activist from Brazil has agreed to consult.

I directed a film: CONFESSIONS OF AN ECOTERRORIST that has played festivals in Brazil, and has been a hit there. We will organize the anti-salmon campaign around the release of CONFESSIONS II the sequel. I plan to release the new film in 2018. The festival opens in Rio, a great place to garner world attention. A creative advertising campaign is anticipated.

We were looking into billboards, and events around the Carnival. I have local activists in Rio and elsewhere in Brazil ready to help. This needs to begin immediately.

I have a history in the Faeroe Islands, and I have not been able to find anyone local against the fish farms. We continue to look. Their farms have good ocean flow around the islands, and salmon from the clean fresh water of the Faeroes…. Has been marketed heavily.

The feed issue is also an issue here. The Faeroe’s population kills a few hundred+ pilot whales each year. As their own government studies suggest that eating the whale is causing mercury poisoning in their children, perhaps they have quit eating it themselves and are feeding it to the farms. Farmed salmon already have a heavy metal issue so the industry would have to separate the Omega 3 from the blubber before it could be used. Scientific studies exist to document the search for answers.
I have set myself up as a researcher for a large New England fish wholesaler. Through them I am arranging to tour Faeroese salmon farms in the near future. When I visit I will leave with feed samples and will have them analyzed.
One cannot differentiate between Omega 3 and where it comes from, but Professor Loening feels there will be whale remnants included, and that they can be DNA typed. Once again, if we can prove it, the market will crash.

Other than that, I am at a loss in the Faeroes. My new film CONFESSIONS II suggests educational puppet shows might help make the point!

Orri Vigfasson is a long time salmon activist in Iceland. His group, The North Atlantic Salmon Fund has done more than any other group to save wild salmon. GAIANetwork will continue to work with Orri. He is the expert in Iceland, and much of Europe. We will continue to explore ways to help his efforts.

GAIANetwork will invite Jeff Hansen of Sea Shepherd Australia to join. Jeff is a serious conservationist and head of SSCS Australia. I have discussed the subject with him, and he has expressed an interest in running a campaign against fish farms in Australia and New Zealand. It would be a good campaign for them, and they have the assets and media expertise to pull it off. We will help them co-ordinate their efforts with other regional activists.

Danny Boulton, and Rob Schuckard of “Sustain our Sounds” have been approached to join and add their scientific experience to help our efforts. Both men are actively fighting salmon farms in New Zealand. http://www.stuff.co.nz/marlborough-express/news/salmon-farms/7184024/New-lawyer- steps-up-for-Sustain-Our-Sounds
GAIANetwork has not yet been to New Zealand.


GAIANetwork is being organized lean and mean to take the best advantage of talent and time. For 2018 I am suggesting a team of 7 people including myself.
Peter Jay Brown: CEO
Peter is a DGA director and cinematographer, who specialized in real life stories, cultural adventures, LIVE events, and big sexy animals that can eat you! His 30 years of experience producing shows such as Real People, Entertainment Tonight, and numerous cable programs have given him a unique insight into the storytelling arts both in and out of the studio.
Best known recently on TV for his stint on Animal Planet’s hit show, Whale Wars, Brown has been active in the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society for over 30 years, and has recently released a feature length documentary based on his experiences, entitled “Confessions of an Eco-Terrorist”. http://www.confessionsfilm.com

Over the past years, Brown has produced and directed twenty films with the Kenya Wildlife Services for International television to champion wildlife conservation in Africa. In December 2001 Brown helped Mary MacMakin (winner of the EIS award in Chicago for her 40 years humanitarian work in Afghanistan) re-establish her charity PARSA in Kabul Afghanistan.

Aside from his charity and conservation work, Brown created, wrote, directed and produced the Award Winning (NEA Golden Apple, NEA Bronze Apple, ABC Clio) self-esteem based television series “Pops”, which was also incorporated into the elementary level curriculum in five states. He was the original Field Producer/Director in 1981-82 for one of television’s most successful shows: “Entertainment Tonight”, and was the official film biographer of Dr. Norman Vincent Peale for the last years of his life. Early in his career, Brown helped create the conceptual foundation for NBC’s “Real People” #1 rated television series; producing and directing over 100 up lifting, positive stories between 1979- 81.

Brown has produced/directed LIVE concerts for Diana Ross, Jars of Clay , and worked on variety TV shows and the US Music festival. He has filmed religious and cultural events around the world.

In October 2012 he produced a LIVE stream signal from Taiji, Japan via cell phone with his association with DSILIVE. December 2012 ezearth.tv has been broadcasting LIVE from Antarctica… the ends of the earth.

Scott West: Chief Operating Officer. Scott is a retired criminal investigator for the EPA and perfect for the job of organizing and maintaining a world network.
Scott West was the Director of Intelligence and Investigations for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society from 2008 to 2015. He conducted overt and covert operations world wide, including initiating and leading the anti dolphin hunt campaign in Taiji, Japan 2010- 2013 and orchestrating and leading the anti pilot whale hunt ground campaign in the Danish Faroe Islands 2014.
Scott retired from the US Environmental Protection Agency in 2008. He spent 20 years investigating environmental crime and sending polluters to prison. As a Special Agent-in- Charge within the Criminal Investigation Division, he oversaw investigations and made decisions about who would be investigated. He had the same legal authority as an FBI agent. He enjoyed this work immensely.
* –  Led the investigation into BP oil spill on the North Slope, 2006
* –  Went public with criticism of DOJ’s sell out of this case in 2008
* –  Widespread criticism of DOJ’s handling of criminal investigation (lack thereof) 2010 
Deepwater Horizon debacle.
Scott was a US Customs criminal investigator fighting the drug trade and conducting technology transfer investigations, 1987-1990. He served in the US Navy doing intelligence work both as a reserve officer (1987 – 1995) and active duty enlisted man (1977-1981).

Don Staniford: Researcher. Don is one of the best researchers, and extremely knowledgeable on salmon farming. He has been active against salmon farms for years. http://www.gaaia.org 
Lon Haber: Public Relations Specialist. Lon Haber & Co. is a full service film and entertainment public relations and marketing firm specializing in the promotion of films, VIPs 
and special events at all stages of the filmmaking, sales, festival and distribution processes. We also specialize in environmental, activist and marine PR. Additionally, we have in-house social media, design and production divisions that broaden our scope within and beyond the industry and offer our clients a most comprehensive experience. Lon Haber & Co. maintains a highly visible presence at all major film festivals and markets worldwide including but not limited to Cannes, Berlin, Venice, Toronto, Sundance, Tribeca, Hong Kong, Busan, AFM (American Film Market), EFM (European Film Market) and the Asian Film Market. We pride ourselves on our ability to bridge the gap between the filmmaker, sales company, distribution outlet and worldwide audiences via innovative, direct, powerful, and pertinent key-messaging that speak directly to the client’s bottom line goals, with consistent results in the press and media across all platforms, all over the globe. We are a hands-on organization with over 20 years of experience that combines the highest in professional work ethic with a compassionate and positive outlook and myriad connections worldwide with offices in Los Angeles, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, New York, Seattle, Toronto and Vienna.

Lawrence Mortorf: Lawyer and director of GAIANetwork. Larry has a long history of conservation and is very well connected in the film business. He has involved with individuals and NGOs at ever level of the movement. His legal advice and consul will be instrumental for our success.

NGO Co-ordinator: An individual to handle the day to day operation of GAIANetwork, and help manage the website. Presently Elora West, Scott’s daughter has been helping out. Elora is a well-known young activist from Taiji. Her Taiji blog had 100 thousand followers.

GAIANetwork will prove useful at all levels of Aquaculture activism and will stay active by incorporating professional help from around the world to assist local activists and help everyone succeed in their endeavors. We will use professional volunteers and paid consultants where necessary.


Local efforts need to be co-ordinated to make the biggest splash internationally in all markets at once. GAIANetwork will take the lead in this effort, while also allowing groups to take their own initiatives in the areas they know best.
Even though each country has its own situation, I feel the one over riding truth is: salmon farms need to go to save coastal eco-systems, and fish consumers are either ignorant of the health problems or are in denial. Humans need to know that farmed salmon is not healthy, and the overall cost to wild oceans in general.
The 2018 Campaign will attack the Aquaculture Industry from all sides hoping to defeat the industry by “death of a thousand cuts”. We will attack them on food safety, coastal eco- systems, clean water, social justice, animal rights and corporate responsibility all at once with individual local campaigns. GAIANetwork will co-ordinate the local actions around the world into an international whole.
Each local and national organization will remain a separate entity under its own control and direction. GAIANetwork will first and foremost act as a meeting place and rallying point for campaigns internationally. We can bring media and other expertise to the table, and help finance programs locally.
Our website: GAIANetwork.net is set up for live streaming and to act as a meeting place for individuals and groups with similar concerns. The website will be a reference place for interested parties to contribute to, and to learn from.
Independent local groups will be invited to link their sites to us so that we have an international “yellow pages” for aquaculture activism worldwide. GAIANetwork would hope to expand interest in local groups and campaigns; not garner members ourselves.

The industrial aquaculture industry has certainly won the PR war to date. A recent TV commercial goes so far as to use farmed salmon to advertise the elegance of Lexus automobiles! This has to be changed.
The goal is to have the public not buy or eat farmed fish; thus crippling the fast growing industry.

A Campaign such as this does not have to be hugely expensive, it has to be creative. We will use well-placed ads, billboards, and viral Internet to generate a strong enough story to get the “free” news corporations on board.
I have done this with the “giant street theater” the Sea Shepherd Society is famous for over 30+ years. PETA also does this well from time to time. I hope to enlist PETA to push their anti-farm agenda for salmon. PETA will be another cut in the “death by a thousand cuts” we propose to orchestrate.
There have been very successful campaigns to bring “free trade” coffee and other ideas to US business in the past. Public opinion can change quickly… GAIANetwork can and will make this happen again.

We are looking to win this campaign, not build some sort of organizational longevity. We can keep this an “eco-action” and eliminate “ego-activism” as much as possible. This is critical. Our just helping, organizing, and giving advice without the “me, me” thing will go a long way to help every local group achieve their goals. Their goals are our goals.

The people I spoke with were not looking for money so much as help and support. Most of them have been working alone and under the radar for years. Many are volunteers like I was for 30+ years. We all have successes to show for our hard work, and I know the struggle is not easy.
Simply said: The time is NOW!

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