Orca Protection


As an older ocean activist I feel that “our time” is past. We need to look to the younger generations to lead the way. It is the young who have the most to lose. It is the young, with real passion for change, that we need to pick up the torch. We at gaianetwork hope to mentor young activists, and human populations which have been ignored to date to secure the future of our oceans. Natives, local fishermen, boaters and the general public need to get involved. We hope with Orca Protection to make this happen.


The recent publicity given the plight of the whale, known as Tahlequah or J35, is one of just 75 Southern Resident killer whales left in the ocean, and her calf — which died minutes after it was born last month — was the group’s first live birth since 2015. This drama played in the media has energized the public to care, and we will use this window of opportunity to help the entire species.

The eco movement in America was founded by many of us after we found our “voice” in protesting the Viet Nam war. It was a long and hard fought battle. With our lives on the line we found the passion to speak out.

I know that doing the right thing, and standing up for what you believe is not easy. All activists must realize that there are repercussions; change is hard for us old folks. We like our conveniences and for many years we have abused the natural world by taking what we want with little thought for the future.

Much like Viet Nam in the 60s and 70s where our lives were at risk for nothing but political gain, today with the loss of species and contamination of the world we live in, the consequences are much the same today. Instead of just affecting a few “draft age” men, we are all facing a grime future for all of us unless we change. The young people see the future and want change. They believe they can do it, but need to find a way to get them involved.

Gaianetwork.net ( www.gaianetwork.net )wants to help, not by feathering our own egos, but by leading and giving an outlet to the youthful passions that exist. We have to make them see hope. We need to make them believe that change is not only possible but necessary. Now is the time!

I know it is difficult, but by standing up and making a difference the rewards are huge not only for the individuals but for us all.


Using the boat M/V Wii Seeks, our team will be led by Captain Hobbes Buchanan, ex-EPA criminal investigator Scott West, and by the Gaianetwork advisory team to mo8nt a defense of Orcas in the Northwest. Orcas, although a protected species are losing their battle to survive. The “fisheries” of whale watching and other influences are loving these mammals to death. There is presently little or no regulation.

Years ago a popular film, “Free Willie” energized kids and their parents to raise huge sums of money to “save” Willie, an individual whale probably beyond our help, but the money was there so what the heck. A huge human effort was mobilized to move the whale from an inadequate aquarium to a larger prison only to die alone years later. Now I realize that Willie was a symbol, and symbols generate popular support, but this needs to change also.

Our boat he M/V Wii Seeks is in a perfect position to help, set up with support and high tech camera gear we will be able to stream live video from above and underwater to begin to support the species. . Captain Hobbes has arranged alliances so that law enforcement will be available to step in where necessary as our crews monitor events in real time. We will organize the network, and our boat will lead the project to support the future defense.

Orca Protection and Rescue ( https://www.orcaprotection.org ) is dedicated to the protection and rescue of all marine wildlife in the Salish Sea; including private and commercial vessel harassment, strandings, entanglements, and the removal of ghost fishing gear, marine debris and plastics.

The project is focused on protecting the Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRKW), transient killer whales (Biggs), humpbacks and gray whales.