Orca Protection 2019


As an older ocean activist I feel that “our time” is past. We need to look to the younger generations to lead the way. It is the young who have the most to lose. It is the young, with real passion for change, that we need to pick up the torch. We at gaianetwork hope to mentor young activists, and human populations which have been ignored to date to secure the future of our oceans. Natives, local fishermen, boaters and the general public need to get involved. We hope with Orca Protection to make this happen.



GAIANetwork’s “Save the Wild Salmon” campaign will focus internationally on local activism by individuals and groups united for wild oceans. We will bring their actions together into an international movement.


SUMMARY: Goal to organize world co-ordination against OPEN-PEN Salmon farming focusing on British Columbia/ Washington state summer 2018.

Campaign Leader: Peter Brown

“Eyes on the REEF…”

GAIANetwork’s  Hawaiian reef protection campaign beginning the winter of 2018 .

For three years I have been actively organizing diverse groups to focus on protection of Hawaiian reefs. I was asked to do this under the direction of Snorkel Bob and Mike Long… I continued as I do on my own The campaign will have many parts,  all co- ordinated for success and International attention.

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